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South Sahrani Map

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And now I'm outta likes.....Glad you got those posted, this map definitely deserves a proper look!  B)

PS @MOS:96B2P  Did you see this yet? 

Dunno about you, but I'm finding it hard to look at if for more than a few minutes before getting 'the itch'.  :P


3 hours ago, CMFDR said:

The ocean Horizon from LongLeftFlank's CMBN Pacific Terrain would probably looks good there.

 The Delta skybox from 'H&E' might work well too.....Might need reorienting (if that's possible, which I suspect it is).

44 minutes ago, JMDECC said:

I have not, but I will take a look into it and see if I can make any adjustments.

It's actually a really difficult little corner to fix.....Adjacent ditch-locked tiles are dragging the base elevation of the buildings down, despite you ditch-locking them (it's one of those 'quirks'). 

As far as I can tell it can only be done by somewhat changing the character of the terrain.


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21 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

PS @MOS:96B2P  Did you see this yet? 

Dunno about you, but I'm finding it hard to look at if for more than a few minutes before getting 'the itch'.  :P  

:D  Nice!! @JMDECC good job. +1.  

I notice it has an airfield.  If I ever get the time maybe something similar to Urgent Fury in Grenada............ 

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2 hours ago, BarendJanNL said:

Would it be possible to import this map into CM:SF2 and just run some quick battles on it?

It would be great to have some company/battallion level action on a larger map, so proper room for recon, manoeuvre and fires


Yes you should be able to, just drop into Quick Battle Maps folder. I will warn you that if you are playing against AI, there is an AI plan for RED but I really am not very good at implementing them effectively so I can't be sure how enjoyable it will be. If anyone wants to take a stab at setting up plans I would be eternally grateful.

2 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

:D  Nice!! @JMDECC good job. +1.  

I notice it has an airfield.  If I ever get the time maybe something similar to Urgent Fury in Grenada............ 

There is an international airport near Paraiso. I would loooooooooove an Urgent Fury scenario! 

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Awesome! I made an account just to post this. I love the entire Arma series to death and seeing Arma maps in another game, particularly one with a large scale, is amazing. I can't wait to see more scenarios or missions based off of this map, enjoy playing it in Arma and it's no different here.

I did some messing around in the editor and tried translating the first mission of Arma: Gold Edition campaign to CMSF2 for the heck of it, with some mixed results. Didn't play out so well, and decided to make some tweaks to Corazol to make it better... before I knew it nearly the entire western section of Corazol is as close to a 1:1 to the original Sahrani as you're going to get with the smaller scale lol. Got a little carried away with it. If it's alright with you, I might end up posting the mission/campaigns when it's done (if it ever is, busy schedule).

On 6/5/2020 at 1:00 AM, Ithikial_AU said:

Gorgeous work. The ARMA series including community mas generally have high resolution topographic maps readily avaialble via Google which makes life really easy for getting started. When CMBS was released I tried to get a group together to map out of all Chernaurus into 1km squared blocks (except some of the larger towns/airports) but sadly we all got busy in RL. Still got the work that was done for that sitting here somewhere.

I actually have a completed "Proving Grounds" map from ARMA2 for CMBS on my hard drive but I never released it. :P Did rely on third party additional flavour objects to be modded in.

In CMSF2 I've been eyeing of Kavala from "Altis" in ARMA3. Just screams US Marine landings in those nearby bays before moving on to the high ground and the town itself. Maybe one day.

Seeing a Chernarus map would be awesome. I wouldn't have any qualms with booting up Arma 2 and mapping out buildings if you still have the progress for it. Tempting to just revive it on my own, if I don't get too busy haha.

As for Proving Grounds, interesting that you made it in CMBS. According to Arma lore, it's actually located in Takistan surprisingly enough. Granted, the climate is more similar to Chernarus, and the first time around I messed with it I assumed it was Chernarus. Until I played the PMC expansion, anyways. I'd be down to make a mission on it either way if you still have the files. May or may not be a hardcore Arma fan, and definitely don't own all games/dlc in the series.

In all honestly I just want to see more Arma in CM. Arma maps are large enough to allow for an insane amount of replayability, and many of the towns are based off of real locations, the topography being almost 1:1 with real-life islands/regions. Pretty much all of them can easily fit anything upwards of a battalion-sized element clashing off.

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