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Looking to play CMBN and CMRT


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As per the title, looking to find regular opponents for both Battle for Normandy and Red Thunder. I'm North America based and am able to complete at least 2 turns a day, but will usually able to finish a lot more. If interested, drop me a message and we can get started!

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Anyone on this thread looking for an opponent and would like to play Normandy please hmu. I prefer to play Wehrmacht and medium to large scenario battles, all modules owned. I prefer an opponent who has CM helper for mutual convenience. Hope this doesn't come across as too demanding, I will prove otherwise as a fair and generous spirited opponent. My turn rate is minimum 1 move a day (frequently 2), but I'm relaxed about the pace of returns, as long as there is commitment to finish the game and not leave it hanging as some do. hmu

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18 hours ago, Emil121 said:

i'll search for player in the begginning of 2021





I'm here for you, my Brothren :-)

Now, don 't forget to complete your CMBN w/CW (unless you only want to play U.S. vs Germ) and update to 4.03... 

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