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Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side

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16 hours ago, Heinrich505 said:

If the NKVD didn't summarily execute Elvis after his bold human wave failed, I suspect he will be banished to some tank factory in the Ural Mountains...

Manning the Combat Mission Help Desk count? ;)

16 hours ago, mjkerner said:

Minime survived!  But sounds like he hung back a bit until the end. Whaddya think, Ith...up against the wall, or Iron Cross? Great DAR reporting, both and Elvis. Extremely enjoyable!

He was back a little way but near the objective for most of the game. You can see his peak cap in one of the last photos. I was just running out of men given so many were panicking and going to ground after a few seconds of combat at that point. I needed every and rifle forward. Now benpark... there's a slacker for you. I think he found some Berliner's liquor cabinet before the battle began. Granted he was probably tired after building all of central Berlin. :D

15 hours ago, jtsjc1 said:

Awesome! I like the balls on the Russian who goes prone to throw a grenade at the Panther. Also at about the 1:00 mark was that a Puppchen? 

It's actually showing off the RPG-43. :) And yep.

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