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Upgrading from God knows when lol

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Hi all..


I have had in my collection shock force 1 since it first came out. 


And also have UK forces and us marines. Altho annoyingly I've not found my marines disc yet so...


Just wanted to ask is it complicated to upgrade and does the upgrade come with everything new? Or should I buy the game afresh. ?



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As Erwin mentioned, with CMSF1 you're eligible to upgrade to CMSF 2. With your current base game, Marines and British Forces modules you would want to purchase the three separate upgrades for those ($15, $10 & $10). The Big Bundle Upgrade would require that you have a NATO module too.

These 'upgrades' do NOT need CMSF1 installed. In fact they don't use the previous installation at all as it is an entirely new installation. You will however need your old license keys (in addition to the new ones you get with the Upgrade); so find that Marines disc if it has the license key on it. The installer is an 'all-in-one', so there are no patches to worry about. It should install in its own directory (NOT your current CMSF1 one !). Just license the game and modules as you would with CMBN and newer games (though you need to use your CMSF1 license keys in order to activate the modules, in addition to the new license keys).

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To use the upgrade purchasing options you will neeed to update your account anyway (using your email address).

Once you do that, anything that you bought from BFC will be there including all relevant license keys... if you bought the Marines DLC off BFC (and IIRC it was the only option) they will still have those records.

Even if you bought the base game from someone else, BFC will still update your base game too... as long as you bought any dlc off them.

Basically, if you update your account (which you need to do anyway) you should be able to upgrade everything for $35.


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