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Missing a file?


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Sorry for the question gents, back to CM after many years away.  Upgraded CMFI from base game to 3 to 4 and got it licensed etc.  Went to play a game and noticed all my US Infantry have black uniforms.  The helmets are there, the belts, webbing, backpack and all that but the uniforms are all black.  Am I missing a file?  I patched to version 2.02 and haven't modded anything.  Tried several different battles as well and seems to just be us infantry.  Any help is appreciated


edit:  Seems to be just US Ranger infantry.  But a scout car is also missing everything.  Just shows the driver sliding down the road.  Kind of funny.  Maybe an uninstall and reinstall are in order.

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I didn't have any mods or Z folders or anything yet.  I had just downloaded the update and did a trial game.  Once I uninstalled and reinstalled it fixed all issues.  I should have gotten a video of the scout car driver with no vehicle.  Was rather funny seeing him slide down the road on his rump with a trail of dust behind him.🤣

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