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  1. I just purchased Black Sea today and started with the first 3 smallest missions. The first mission gathering the intel from the knocked out vehicles played like all the other CMs I have so it was a pretty easy victory for me. Had one wounded and destroyed all other enemy personnel on the field. I even had one wounded by the knocked out vehicle in the middle of the field and had a Medal of Honor moment and sent my men back into the fray to get him medical attention. Second mission "Going to town" I got my butt handed to me. As in my scout/sniper team took 3 steps out of cover and got d
  2. I didn't have any mods or Z folders or anything yet. I had just downloaded the update and did a trial game. Once I uninstalled and reinstalled it fixed all issues. I should have gotten a video of the scout car driver with no vehicle. Was rather funny seeing him slide down the road on his rump with a trail of dust behind him.🤣
  3. Sorry for the question gents, back to CM after many years away. Upgraded CMFI from base game to 3 to 4 and got it licensed etc. Went to play a game and noticed all my US Infantry have black uniforms. The helmets are there, the belts, webbing, backpack and all that but the uniforms are all black. Am I missing a file? I patched to version 2.02 and haven't modded anything. Tried several different battles as well and seems to just be us infantry. Any help is appreciated edit: Seems to be just US Ranger infantry. But a scout car is also missing everything. Just shows the drive
  4. That did it! Thanks guys. I didn't have the Battlefront folder in my documents. Just went from my documents/combat mission. Stupid but easy fix. Thanks again guys.
  5. Ok thanks. I think I found the folder, I see all the scenarios and campaigns in it. I put it into the old C drive, my documents and started up CMRT but still nothing to select. Obviously I put it in the wrong spot. Being computer dumb, where in the my documents directory should I place it? Again, thanks for the help.
  6. Went to play CMRT today after a long break from it, game started fine, went to build a quick battle and when it asks you to pick a map, mine was blank. Weird I thought so I went to play a campaign, same thing. Restarted and same results. Only thing I can think of is I got a new HDD and moved all my games over to it, would I have screwed it up that way? But its not asking me for my serial number or code so I don't know. Otherwise would it be the upgrade? I haven't upgraded to version 4 yet. Any help is appreciated if anyone else ran into this problem. Also to note, CMBN works fi
  7. Spoilers ahead for those who have not played the mission Yeah I am sure I have forgotten the number of tanks because what you described there is pretty much spot on to what I tried to do. I kept my forces together, led with my KTs, started from the right and swept left. Got most everything on the map except for the pesky AT guns and JS tanks on other side of the river/creek on the other side of the map. They just kept pinging away at me eventually my KTs front armor looked grey from all the hit decals when they started as the tan camo
  8. I believe that is a correct assumption. It was a few days ago but it was a battle with many tanks. About 8 king Tigers, 8 Panthers and a few panzer IVs and a couple companies of infantry.
  9. Yeah, the area target just couldn't get much because it was reverse slope and placing it a little in front didn't get the suppression I was hoping for. Was playing against the country and yes very far distances on some, the Joseph Stalin tanks pretty close though and still didn't spot them. I just can't believe it was over ten turns, minutes of the enemy firing constantly and never getting a spot for that long. They ran out of ammo before I spotted them but I'm not mad, just curious if I did something wrong that they never spotted the whole time.
  10. Oh I had infantry with them, the ranges were far. Sorry I failed to mention that. The AT guns were probably over 1000 meters away. The JS tanks were much closer however, less than 300 meters but that is were the infantry had been routed because of the tank fire and my King Tigers were still unable to aquire the targets. I set some area fire marks but they wouldn't fire due to the enemy position being a reverse slope area. So I couldn't even get lucky and get a hit on the tanks or AT guns with the Tigers by area fire. I even tried setting a target arc as narrowly as possible on both the a
  11. Anyone have any tips for these pests? I was playing a game against the cpu where I had a TON of King Tigers vs various soviet afvs and at guns. The guns weren't much of a threat to the king tigers but they would fire for massive amounts of turns and never be spotted by the tank. My arty observers could see them and I dropped "cease and desist" hints on them but I couldn't believe how my tigers could never find them after 9-10 turns of constant pings off their armor. Same thing happened a few turns later with some hidden JS tanks in the woods. Not complaining at all, just wondering how to
  12. I often wondered about repayment from the Soviet Union after the war, being as the two counties quickly became enemies. Found this little bit interesting : "While repayment of the interest free loans was required after the end of the war under the act, in practise the US did not expect to be repaid by the USSR after the war, it received $2m in reverse lend lease supplies from the USSR mostly in the form of landing, servicing and refueling of air freight although some industrial machinery along with rare minerals were supplied. The US asked for $1.3bn at the cessation of hostiliities to set
  13. Now this may be a spoiler for those who havent played it (cant think of anyone who hasnt though but just in case.) Weird thing happened. While playing this operation I was the Americans ordered to hold the town. I did this very easily even though I gave the AI a bonus and everything. Now I am not a great CMBO player. I was very surprised how easily it was to hold this town. All the Germans seemed to do was try to push into the town with their AFVs and no infantry support. I maybe saw 2 platoons worth the whole operation. After the battles were over and I looked at the map to see if
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