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What's New For CMSF2 QB Games

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Changes in The QB Map Description:

"Best Play" time setting gives the player a good idea of How fast or slow the AI is set to Attack or Counter Attack. For example:

If the Best Play is 30 Minutes the AI will start its attack or counter attack well within the time it might take to reach it's objectives.

So the player should consider Not just the time but the size of the map when selecting a game. In no way does this hamper the players' choice of time. Just a suggestion.

"NOTE" is a way of addressing not clearly defined map features, like Water Depth or the existence of Fords.

The information is available not only during map selection but at any time during the game via the Menu.

New Quick Battle Map “Amphibious” Type!

QB Map Design Features

Setup areas are very clearly defined for each Group Orders

Each Objective Has 2 Attack or Defend Orders

All Meeting Engagement Maps have no AI first turn Artillery Strikes of any kind!

All Probe Style Maps have no AI first turn Artillery Strikes (exception The AI can lay Smoke on first turn)

Assault and Attack Maps still Have AI Artillery plans for first turn but with limits. The AI Attacker targets Objectives only

The AI Defender no longer targets EVERY possible line of attack the Human Player has available.


The Attached pdf 




Changes in The QB Map Description.pdf

Edited by MarkEzra
attached pdf
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Submitting a ticket is a good idea. My I suggest that you try your QB but turn off all the auto select features and pick all the settings and forces yourself. Just to see if that works and it might get you going while any bugs are tracked down.

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25 minutes ago, Mord said:

Damn, Mark, you have carpal tunnel yet?

Did Meach and Mishga lend a hand? Haven't seen them around  in AGES.



Mishga's work is there...updated for 2018. Meach is active in beta testing.   Meach and Mishga are the busiest parents in Scotland! Love 'em both...   10 years !!

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