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Nice companion game to CMSF2


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First, would like to thank Battlefront for the generous $35 fee to update my CMSF1 package. We know it is a huge project, and better additional delays then having serious release-day problems.

Anyway, for you boardgaming grogs out there, this upcoming digital game may be of interest. Some of you may have played the public version the dev has (charitably) made available for years at no charge. Quite different theater than CMSF2, but modern combat just the same. Although from a different publisher, I have high hopes for it and the dev's success. He is a good man!

- Mike


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I´ve participated in the beta and it is a really neat game which reminds me alot of Steel Panthers/WINSPMBT but in real time. I´ve just had the feel that the AI struggled to present a challenge and would like to see improvement in this department and also hope for an engaging SP campaign.

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Sorry, I haven't visited BF forums in a while and got all excited about CMSF2. I appreciate BF didn't ban me. 😉

Then David Heath, the previous founder of Matrix, calls me at 8:45pm about some minor issue with Lock n' Load's Command Ops 2 on Steam that got resolved. I guess it's a pretty small world when it comes to digital wargames. Not easy getting the younger generation interested, but we'll see.

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I was getting pretty excited about this game and then I watched the preview.

Click here, what's that? BOOM! BANG! Oh what happened over there? CLICK oh how'd that...BOOM! BOOM! CLICK here. CLICK there. CLICK there. BORING!

What's the point of having decent graphics when you can't afford to take the time to watch anything zoomed in? The second you stop to watch something play out, you miss five other things some where else. Think about it. How much time will you realistically be able to enjoy the graphics in this game without missing other things going on?

There's absolutely nothing fun about wargames where I miss 80% of the cool stuff. It's the #1 reason why I don't play CM in RT. I want to SEE all the cool moments! Armored Brigade looks like it could offer a lot of cool moments but so what? you can't watch them if you want to stay on top of what's happening. For me that's a complete and fundamental fail, and unfortunately it seems to be the rule in wargames (unless they are crappy IGOUGO) not the exception. It pisses me off that this is almost always over looked in games like this. As much as a click fest Total War is, they at least give you a battle save that you can rewatch to catch all the action at a later time (though it's not perfect without a rewind button).


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