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CMBN Big Bundle exe's disappear

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My brother bought a new Dell Win10 machine.

He is not that computer savvy so I said I would help him setup the combat mission games.

We went to his account where I saw he had purchased the CMBN Big Bundle.


We downloaded the bundle, extracted it to the down loads folder (and later created a Battlefront folder in My Documents to download to)

I ran the install and when at the end of the install, the activation window opens I added the key and it said congratulations everything is activated. So I “launched” the game. And in a blink both the activation exe and the game exe disappeared.

I opened Explorer and all the rest of the files, manuals etc. were still in the Documents-Battlefront-Combat Mission Battle for Normandy folder. Just the 2 exe’s were missing.

I deleted the game again and reloaded and launched the game from the desktop icon. It open up I clicked on scenarios and saw that the Battle Pack scenarios were not there (we have to download and activate them separately) and in a blink the game was gone and the two shortcuts, Activate and Launch, on the desktop disappeared.

My first experience with the Big Bundle, so I don’t know, what am I doing wrong?   

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Yeah that behaviour is almost certainly caused by anti virus SW. You might be better off telling it that those .exe files are fine and releasing them from quarantine. Then the installed game will likely work.

I install all my games under a Battlefront directory and then tell the anti virus software to not scan that folder and all sub folders. That prevents surprises later and makes future installs easier.

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Found it. Turns out McAfee, which came with the new machine and although not "activated", was still running. I deleted McAfee, installed Norton (my brother already subscribed) and loaded the game via CD and everything worked out fine. Thanks everyone for you help. Cheers 🥂


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Beware the Norton, it used to quarantine and completely remove my CM EXEs. I'd have to put them under exclusions for all scans ect. If anything goes down later you can guarantee it's Norton and you should look there first.



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