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On 5/1/2016 at 5:50 PM, Abbasid111 said:

I like the Aris effects mod and Seinfieldrules' terrain mod. 

I was unaware of Seinfieldrules' terrain mod.  Tried it.  Liked it.  Great suggestion!  Thank you.

How do you integrate Seinfieldrules' mod with Aris' terrain effects mods?  Which one should occur first (before the other) in your Z-folder?

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Since CMx2 mods almost only effect cosmetic things such as graphics and sound, what is a "must have" just boils down to personal taste.

Personally, my own "must have" mods for CMFI are:

Juju's TweakedUI for CMFI v5- just a massive improvement over the vanilla UI

Vein's special effects (tracers, fire, muzzle flash, explosions)- this works for all CMx2 games and is also an improvement over the vanilla graphics, but less "Hollywood" than other effects mods

Mord's & DC's Gustav Portraits Mod- I love this mod and use it in conjunction with JuJu's UI mod.  It features portraits that show the divisional/formation/branch insignia of most of the units that fought in Italy.  As a history geek, I love seeing the correct divisional patch when playing the Allies in any historical/semi-historical scenario or campaign.  (I keep hoping Mord and DC will do a version for CMFB, but Mord hasn't been on these boards in months.) 

mjkerner's patched American uniforms- places the divisional patch on the shoulders/helmets of the American pixeltruppen.  It's neat to see Audie Murphy's 3rd Infantry Division flashing its blue-and-white patch in Sicily and Anzio.  (Like Mord's and DC's portraits- you have to take the time to switch in the particular uniform you want.)

Vein's uniforms- Germans (I mixed-in elements of Aris' uniforms into this as well), Commonwealth, and Italians.  Great stuff.

Eliminate_Red_Cross- removes the gamey (and rather cheesy looking) "red cross" graphic when casualties occur.  I think this is Mord's mod, but not sure.  It also works for all CMx2 games.

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