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Is the editor supposed to look this way?

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I'm making my first scenario in CMRT but after a while realized that things didn't look in 3d what I expected from the 2d view re trees. It's all a bit confusing. Tree "A" and "F" uses the same icon. "B" and "G" as well. Also "C" and "H". Once you forget which kind of tree you put where you don't get the look or cover you like. Also "F, G & H" icons are rather poor representations of the 3d model.


Should it look like this? Can the tree icons be modded or changed by some nice BFC-fella :)



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Yes, that's the way it looks.  The 2D tree icons are shared as are the various types of 2D wooden fence icons.  There is no way to tell which is which without going into 3D mode.  Yes it is annoying and no even though it was requested that each tree and fence have its own 2D icon nothing was altered so there it is.

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