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The Eagle and the Bear AAR


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Just wanted to say a big thanks to Dragonwynn for creating this campaign, this is my first go at it and im on the first mission Never Cry Wolf, and i am thoroughly enjoying it.


However one question first, a couple of days ago I updated Black Sea with the new patch and now i seem to be getting some kind of weird crossover from the Normandy CM and i dont even own that below is some pics to show what i mean.




and more here




Also in the description of troops some of these are messed up also, well quite a few actually.

The Cromwell troop, really in 2017.



Plus quite a few of the weapon description are FUBAR also, so can anyone tell me what may have caused this and im hoping it won't involve a total re-install of the base game, mods and campaigns, please say it aint so.


So any way on with my little AAR, I never actually meant to start one for this because it was just meant to be an initial play through but since im doing so well i thought what the hell, by the way this is some tactical skill but also alot of LUCK.



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So as the Russians were busy pounding my poor Latvians I managed to determine which way the russians were leaning and so I brought up my Abrams to the right flank, with Brads in support and hid them in the dead ground.  I then tickled the Russian armour with my Jav teams on overwatch on the crest in the center and lo and behold the russians changed direction and moved towards the center.


So my Abrams were sent hunting.


And here is the result


Some nice burning russian wrecks


Now with the armour out of the way the soft underbelly awaits.



And the end result is beyond doubt



In the center 3 ruskie tanks get popped by my 2 Jav teams on the crest.



These boys deserve a medal, if they live.



An aerial overview of how things stand, I have split my armour into 2 teams, one will sweep across the center while the other provides fire support for my Brads to roll in and debus the infantry in the town.



More to follow as i progress, hopefully it doesnt all go balls up.

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So we are starting to get a foothold in the town on the right but I am getting concerned over the amount of armour on my left so I have displaced my 2 Jav teams so that they can engage.



One of my Brads hunts through the town.  (and a little + rep for Kiemes mods with the graffiti on the back door).



Ah bugger 





Head to head the brave Brad crew let loose but are overmatched and get knocked out.



WTF  things just got bad, real bad.



now its a ****storm, one of my Abrams goes down to multiple missle hits



That is one very dead Abram, he got hit by so many missles its actually left a big crater



So as my right flank goes to hell the Russians are now doing it properly over in the left hand village and the pressures mounting as russian infantry storm the town



But the Latvians arent ready to give in yet


and the russian squad are mercilessly gunned down.

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Thanks Doc for the AAR. I'm still chuckling at the action verbage. The green symbols are  bizarre. Not sure what would cause that. When i get time I will load it up and look to see if anything appears on mine. I dont recall anything like that during the testing phase.

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Ah ok but I don't have CMBN only the demo so if I delete CMBN demo everything should be fine?

Hopefully role out the rest of the AAR for the first battle either today or tomorrow.

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One of my Abrams strikes back against the russian armoured follow on column




My brave Latvian troops continue to exact a heavy toll on the russina infantry over on my left





This is the crest where i displaced my Jav teams from a few turns ago, not the best pic but its meant to show the barrage of airbursts it is receiving, guess the ruskies got annoyed at them blowing up some of their expensive tanks



Now these next few pics show the mad few minutes of what a few well placed Jav teams can do, the first is my displaced team from the crest




Another expensive pile of scrap


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With the heavy enemy armour presence on the crest stalling my attack one of my brave HQ teams decide to lend a hand


Who says Officers are useless


There choice of cover and concealment does, poor brave buggers



About 10 secs later a Jav team in the town shows how it should be done




Back into cover not even spotted, scratch 2 tanks


How often do your reserves turn up in the right place at the right time, well today was the day, my reinforcements on the left flank.  This is gonna hurt.



A few minutes of setup and my combined armour attack rolls out



Another tank on the right falls to my Jav team in the town.  All those boys have earned their pay today.


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A Brad on overwatch pumping in the cannon shells as the heavy armour moves up.  Scratch 2 BMP's.



My armour sweeps on in a glorious text book mechanised attack
The ruskie armour belatedly tries to move down from the crest but some fast gunnery from WO3 Randy Bow soon puts a stop to it
And my Abrams that i sent out far right swings up the hill and over the crest to pop the trailing tank, didnt even know what hit him
In the last few minutes of the battle this was the ruskie traffic jam on the center bridge
And this is after my Abrams brought it under their guns from the left 
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At this point the russians retreated, well what was left retreated, most of the Russian brigade is left lying on the field a mangled wreck.
Two after battle stills, I was going to do a few more ie showing where the russians suffered the heaviest casualties but it was reeeeeaally late so I called it a day.
Thought i had a couple of the masses of dead russian infantry, think i might reload the end and take a few cause it was a slaughter, especially over in the left villag, those Latvians fought like tigers.
This is the only surviving russian tank on the whole of the field
And this is the new modified version of a Gaz
Coming up  The Water Dogs
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Thankyou very much Kieme, you were spot on.  Deleted the Red Thunder files now everything is spot on.  So I take it when you unzip a patch just make sure you do not have it in the folder with the rest of your zipped stuff.   :D  :D  :D  :D

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Now the Water Dogs.


"Hey Taylor, whats up"


"Chris, nothing brother, Damn cant get this lighter to work, no matter how many times I change the flint it just keeps ****ing up"


"Just ditch it man"


"No way this is a lucky charm, the old lady gave it to me just before we deployed"


"Here use mine"




"so I heard through my pal over at HQ that A Coy gave the Ruskies a good kicking yesterday"


"Yeah thats the word on the street Chris and you can guess why we're here"


"Yup to do the same thing here, me you our trusty Jav, its all good"


"yeah i hope so, i hope so"




"Shiite, ruskies early"


And so the russian assault begins, will Chris and Taylor make it out alive?



The opening barrage is nasty and a Brad takes a direct hit



"Ah **** Chris, what were you saying about giving the russians a good stomping"



"Shut the **** up man, you see what I see"


"Hell yeah, man"



"Hello Zero, this is 2/2D over"

"Go ahead 2/2D"

"We have visual on an enemy AA, permission to engage over"

"Wait out 2/2D"


"What the **** i just got put on hold"


"2/2D this is Zero, permission granted, any AA are priority targets, light them up over"

"Roger out"


"OK Taylor you ready, we fire then displace"


"Woo right on"



With that the russian advance rumbles forward


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The poor Brad caught in the opening bombardment



Two other Jav teams join in 






In just a few minutes 8 enemy vehicles are burning hulks, but the Jav teams dont have it all their own way, whilst displacing the left flank team gets spotted.  And pays dearly for their mistake.




"YOU MOTHER****ERS, Chris reload, now"

"its our last one"

"**** that, they just nailed King's team"


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With the Javs causing heavy losses the russians pick up the pace and the BMP's advancing on the right spot the Latvians dug in on the reverse slope in the centre.



The auto cannon fire cuts the squad in half


But those boys are tough and begin to crawl away determined to carry on the fight



Now an interlude.  On the left I had my FO team in cover in a tree line, spotting for bringing in the Apaches, however one of them got hit by an errant round and became a casualty.  Now his buddy, in full view of the enemy decides to give buddy aid


With the obvious results


A main tank round in the puss.  I have seen the other post regarding buddy aid and for me it is a good work around BUT why do it when it means contradicting a hide order.  I think HIDE order should also mean the unit does not perform any buddy aid because the player either doesnt want them to or because he knows it will expose them to the enemy.  If they are justin position with a FACE order or COVER ARC then by all means but not on a HIDE order.


Now through a bit of silliness my FO team for the left flank is no more.  Tad bit annoying.

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Now interlude concluded back to business.


The russian attack is in full swing on the left a ruskie tank crests the hill

The US troops in the house engage but the russian just shrugs it off


But the Latvians in their foxholes spring into action


Say hello to my little friend.  (Note the tail fin of the RPG just behind the man in the background).





As the BMP's on the right scoot round to avoid the tree line they are caught by flanking fire from my Inf. teams and Brads




"Yeah Taylor another one"


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On the left another russian tank crests the hill and my Latvians pay dearly for their earlier success.







As my Inf teams displace they pick off another BMP



"Yo Taylor, Alpha team have displaced lets GO".











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With Bravo team hurt bad the Brads push up more aggressively 




Two for one.






The Brad in the town moves down the slope and engages fleeing russian infantry




Then smashes a BMP that pops out of the tall grass




Now the Russian jet that has been pestering me all battle, out of bombs he dives for a gun run, but





My stingers are waiting  (Not sure if the little explosion is meant to donate a plane kill, I hope so)






Just a quick overview


This is my right flank




and the centre left




and a birds eye view





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Now the tail end Charlies start to pop up, obviously not the bravest of the troops and hoping to survive by being last, as he crests the hill my Brad on the slope lets rip again.





Now just when i thought i was getting my Latvians re-organised the russians decide to spoil the party by unleashing an airburst barrage.





At least it would have been quick.


My Brad that had previously pulled back because of the jets cautiously moves up and does so just as another BMP advances forward, another mark on the gun barrel.





The last surviving tank over on my left decides to to do some strange kind of charge.




My Brad takes him in the flank




But im pretty sure my Brad didnt do this, the russians have been shelling around here for a while and im pretty sure there own arty round took down this T90AM.  


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Alpha team move back to the Brad to rearm after firing off all of their AT4's.



WO Mooney gets strafed by that bloody jet knocking out all sorts of systems, but he's still in the fight.




The last surviving BMP commander decides that he does want to be a Hero of the Soviet Union and charges forward,




Catching one of my Brads while it repositions



No kill markings on their barrel today.


My Brad on the far right quickly avenges their deaths.



Now the Brad on the slope moves forward to cover that arc,



But the russians have a surprise




More tanks, cheeky buggers must know im out of Javelins, parading their coat tails like that.


Now im seriously out of options, I am down to the barebones on AT weapons, so WO MOoney, with his damaged tanks orders his driver forward to try and slow down this last russian attempt.


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As WO Mooney is fighting courageously the cavalry arrive in the nick of time.




Im still outgunned and the russians are pushing hard




As my reinforcing Abrams push thorough the town to get into flanking positions disaster strikes.



(Seriously dont know what took this out, i must have checked 10 times trying to figure out what killed it and their was just nothing capable of hitting it where it was at the time).


Mooney reacts quickly and raps out his QBO's.





Even with his damaged tank he unflinchling advances into the fray


The first Abrams knocks out 2 tanks in quick succession



However Monneys gunner misses with his shot due to his damaged optics and in this game second chances are rare.




On the left my Brad spots a command APC and rips it in half and with that the russians call it a day and beat a fast retreat.




Although another russian brigade has been smashed the price has been heavy, without WO Mooney's calm command and outstanding bravery the American troop probably wouldnt have held, but WO Mooney paid the ultimate sacrifice.






"Hey Taylor buddy, I'll make sure your Old Lady gets this back when i get home, we're moving out soon and I just wanted to come over and say goodbye.  You take care now old buddy and I'll see you again someday".



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Notes :   Just a few things I wanted to raise at the end of this battle about the russian forces.  I was actually quite surprised at the lack of infantry, now for the first couple of BMP's yes I probably did kill the squads in the back when i took them out but how come the follow on troops didnt de-bus, at this point they new where I was and yet they kept coming in a bit daft.


Heres the final screen of the battle.




Note all the russina infantry in that red circle, now they are in dead ground so i couldnt see them till the end but they must have been there a while and yet had made no real attempt to assault into the tree line on theleft or in the centre, bit strange.  Any reasoning for this would be appreciated, apart from that though really loving the campaign, lots of fun.

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