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My second glass of whine.

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For the next Patch would it be possible to have all the move paths of units related to the selected unit capped with a line so it looks like the letter "T". That way when you select say 1st Platoon and give them their move paths and want 3rd Platoon to follow behind them you can tell where the move paths of the Squads related to 3rd Platoon end when they become entangled in the mess of movement path lines. Would make navagation a whole lot easier.

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And maybe make it possible to click on another unit's move path and make it immediately active, instead of having to find the origin unit first. But maybe that would be hell when you have a big spaghetti ball of various paths, trying to make the game realise which one you want to click on..



Oh, and here's one I really would like to see: A button to re-select previous unit, _without_ rotating the camera :)

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