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Is 2 vs AI QB possbile?

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If this is possible, this could be a good chance of CMBS education and share PBEM experience. Is this available? Of course for 1 min turn based. 


I was thinking of using QB against AI as following: 


Player A command phase -> replay phase -> send save file to player B (before push red button, at 'Done' moment) -> Player B command phase -> replay phase -> send save file to A  (before push red button, at 'Done' moment) ....  A and B will command different company or platoons. 


Something like this. I made this idea from old post about the possibility of 2:2 PBEM game, which play like (Blufor A -> send to Redfor A -> send to Blufor B -> send to Redfor B ....)


Is the 2 vs AI idea feasible?  

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You already covered the caveat of making sure both players get to see the replay phase.  Theoretically there is no limit to the number of players who can participate.  You could have an individual in charge of every team.



Also, maybe I can share command phase save file, to enjoy 2(or more) vs AI, like:


Player A gives orders to his units -> save file (during the command phase), send to B -> Player B load file, gives orders to his units, then action -> replay phase, player B watching replay -> Player B save file and send to player A (before push red button, at 'Done' moment) -> Player A also check replay, and gives orders to his units -> .... 


This way, one doesn't need to wait for next turn to finish other's command turn. Both A and B can command at the single command turn. This might also feasible. 



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Basically, you have as many player as you want, each takes the file in turn, makes their moves saves, then passes it on to the next.  The last player runs the turn and gets the replay file.  Saves that, posts a copy to dropbox for all to review. 


While they are reviewing, takes their copy and makes their moves, saves and passes to next to restart the sequence.


Most of the time in passing turns is the time you spend reviewing.  The folks at the end of the line will already have reviewed the turn before they get a chance to make their moves so it would not exponentially increase the time per turn, in fact the more players the less time lost per player in review.  The overall time would go up, but not as bad as one might think.

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This topic was for 2 against AI.

Though not vs AI...this topic interests me as I am now having fun in a 2 axis players vs 2 allied players big PBEM although it is over at CMFI.


I am "allied player 1" and we are the "watch and then enter orders" side in this battle. 

I arranged with my "allied player 2" partner that I would enter all my unit orders first and then save the file.

The opponent turn shows up and we both can watch what happened but he then must quit and wait on me.

So, I watch the action from before and then when it says done,

I can enter all my orders and remember not to touch the big red button!!!! Only save the file.

When you hit menu-save file it indexes up the numeric file name so I add in the word "save" at the end of that new filename.


Normally you see this...

Battle Yadayada 001

Battle Yadayada 002

Battle Yadayada 003

on and on

When you hit save it does index the filenumber up again but add in save 

Battle Yadayada 004 save


We have a main dropbox for the battle files and another folder in there for the saves.

Allied Player 2 sees the file there and loads it. He does his orders and hits the red button and the game tries to index the file name by adding 001 but he backspaces that away and the word "save" I added until it finally is where it is supposed to be. Then he hits ok and it goes on to axis player.

Battle Yadayada 004 save 001

backspace til just what is normally there and hit ok

Battle Yadayada 004

Note: We goofed a few times before we had it all ironed out. File name number got out of synch, etc.


The axis are the "enter orders and then watch" side.

I will ask how they exactly do it...standby.

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Kohlenklau, that is a really good idea. I thought PBEM games cannot be saved and loaded like single play, but obviously it is possible. Yeah, like you mentioned, with the save file, all PBEM team members could finish command phase within the single turn. 


sburke $ stagler, thanks, now I clearly understood about 2 vs AI 

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...in tonight's dream we have to bug out when Sergeant Upton screams "It's a Tiger!" <<I look and it is a PzKpfW III... :rolleyes: >>...

Later on in the hayloft of a Belgian barn I have to keep her warm and prevent frostbite. Skin to skin contact it says in the field manual...

Anything for you Sarge!

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I played a CMBB map as a KG member with 3 of us in the group playing a big game vs 3 others - humans lol

Took around week for 1-3 turns but was fun.

We each had command of A large number of german forces attacking russian positions.

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