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  1. As per the link In the next decade, the Marine Corps will no longer operate tanks or have law enforcement battalions. It will also have three fewer infantry units and will shed about 7% of its overall force as the service prepares for a potential face-off with China. The Marine Corps is cutting all military occupational specialties associated with tank battalions, law enforcement units and bridging companies, the service announced Monday. It's also reducing its number of infantry battalions from 24 to 21 and cutting tilt-rotor, attack and heavy-lift aviation squadrons. The changes ar
  2. Would Battlefront be able to make a title with China in a war? Or would they be hacked and harassed Not many game companies make games VS China as I think they may make there biggest sales in China so don't want to upset there biggest potential buyer Years ago Playing ARMA3 a Chinese Unit mod Developer was alleged harassed and warnings were put out not to put Chinese weapons in the game This was on the forums of BI for ARMA I think the same happened with ARMA2 Alot of game companies are being restricted and controlled with there content I know a programmer for Robolx gam
  3. I bought the $25 version not the $35 version $35 comes with base game download Thats the issue Paypal is fine BF helped me out and all sorted cheers
  4. I had the same thing happen I bought the game with paypal and have no download link This is total BS
  5. As a long time player of all games in the series Just Upgraded to Ryzen 5 2600x Win 10 64 bit Mem G skill trident CL14 16 gig 3200mhz ddr4 GeForce gtx1080 8 gig X470 Aorus ultra gaming motherboard Samung Evo SSD ( faster transfer rate drive) 500 gigs I had been using an 8 year old Amd Athlon I3 CPU Older Memory ddr3 8 gigs Geforce 1050 Older Mobo Upgraded to SSD 2 years ago Older System was crashing with cmbs Got an SSD which improved loading and some performance Had to run on lowest settings with my older pc specs
  6. PM me with ya email and show you its a bug ill link you to my bugs drop box it cannot go under it explodes quite some distance behind if you happy to view other bugs ill put them in file
  7. I want to see KORDs / Hvy Mgs and new sniper rifles / higher Calibre to SVD Love all the RUS and UKRAINIAN kit with all the cannons / missles More Toys lol
  8. On the topic I saw this and found it very interesting New Russian anti IED mine vehicle Listva Operational with Russian nuclear convoys
  9. Oh really Buildings degrade with small arms fire over time with big joined building in CMBS Are they made different in CMSF2?
  10. Building damage seems fine in cmbs (cm2 engine) from a visual perspective SF2 will be the same Buildings degrade with small arms fire over time Bigger guns, cannons HE etc do more damage quicker and flatten buildings faster I think it could be coded to maybe degrade faster with .50 Cal Else seems fine in general Given the engine used you cannot be too picky about it
  11. Ok In response to Mords comment I'm not a newbie being a highly experienced ladder player I have files to show people Who wants to pm me with there email and I'll link you to a drop folder Are you sending these off to Battlefront or just being critical of people's posts? I play many games with 000s of files and limited drop box space so I was unable to keep all examples but have some plus more that occur all the time I saw a bug this morning Russian AT 13 goes through Ukrainian Tank lol and explodes behind Also missed a few times not as bad as bugg
  12. Its great we have a new game CMSF2 coming out However as it is the same engine as CMBS and many of the same weapons will be used in that I have to ask have the bugs been fixed for these as are present in CMBS? and Is CMBS going to be patched? How many of these weapons systemsare going over to CMSF2? Observations from extensive play testing and many ladder games of CMBS since it was released Take this on board when playing CMSF2
  13. Ok thanks for the PC / Open GL info and comment about gravtactics which I also played I wasn't aware of CM2 being made with older graphics engine parameters Was hoping the new engine was a bit more modern I'd never really cared much for it's specs running an older machine lol I was upgrading to play other games and was hopeful of CM2 series loading faster and having better FPS I'll time it on my system now and do comparisons and post them when I upgrade in next 2-3 weeks If open GL loses support etc I wonder how long the game designers will continue to use I
  14. Has anyone found performance improved using Ryzen chips or latest Intel coffee lake etc? I'm about to get a Ryzen system with nvidia 1080 gpu ssds 3000mhz ram etc and I'm curious as to wether or not CM2 loads faster ; performs better in big maps with multi cores and better gpus etc Tech has gone a long way and does this game run well with newer CPUs GPUs? What's your experiences? What is the engine optimized for? Cheers
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