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New Terrain Mod - AD CMBS Terrain

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Hello everyone. Here is a new terrain mod you can all try out for CMBS. It is essentially the same terrain mod I made for CMRT, with some minor differences in doodads and without some older terrain tiles not suitable for the modern time period. I recommend Kieme's foliage mod to be used along with this mod. If you tried out my CMRT mod, then you know what you are getting. If you haven't, check out this thread here: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/114363-new-terrain-mod-for-cmrt/ for screens of the terrain in CMRT.




And here are two pictures showing off what the new terrain looks like in CMBS itself.





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At the risk of sounding like a complete buffoon, where do I place the mod file? does it go into the data folder, or my z folder?


I think it's expected that we don't use a Z folder now.


For CMBS (and also CMRT and CMFI--everything after CMBN), the standard is for mods to go into the "Mods" folder in the Documents location, like so:


C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Black Sea\User Data\Mods

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The z folder was their originally because CMSF and CMBN didn't have a mod folder. The way the game works now is that it loads all the files in the "Data" folder first, then looks in the "Mod" folder and loads all the data alphabetically, replacing any files that was loaded previously with whatever new file was found. The reason the Z folder came about is because originally when we didn't have a mod folder, the game needed to load our mods last to overwrite the default data found in the actual brzs. Since Z is the last letter in the alphabet, any data found in that folder would be loaded last and overwrite the default files.


Within the mod folder you can do the same thing though - let's say you have a really cool dirt tile that you love and want to use instead of mine - create a "z" folder within the mod folder and put the tile's .bmp in there. Since it's loading things alphabetically, anything in that folder will be loaded last, and show up in game.

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The texture is the color that it is because as you start making it lighter/yellower, it starts to form a patchwork effect from higher viewpoints (where we spend 90% of our time playing this game) that looks completely wrong. Looking at satellite images and photos of Ukraine in the summer, the yellow parts (really light brown) blend subtley with the surrounding healthy grass and isn't that distinct. Look at the standard maps in CM with a yellower grass tile and it looks like you have 8x8 clumps of dead grass everywhere. Accurate for the fall months but not June and July.


A grass and yellow grass tile that are similar in color and tone allow for these maps to have fields that are full of smooth and sutble tonal variations that is pleasing to the eye. It looks far more natural and is better representative of a world that does not have uniform, distinct color tiles. On my monitior, I can still clearly see where green grass is and yellow grass is, and when you get down to the ground level the grass itself is quite brown and dry looking. But from afar it looks like a natural field with color variations that are realistic, and most importantly, good to look at.


There is nothing stopping you from including someone elses yellow grass tile from another mod, and putting it in a Z folder within the mod folder, so it overwrites my tile. Make sure you include "mini grass yellow", "mini grass yellow 1" and "mini grass yellow 2" to prevent strange transition issues.

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