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[RELEASED] Kieme's Industrialization Mod

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Hi all,

Preview pic:


here is the link:



3 new modular buildings textures added:

-red brick (HD)

-yellowish brick with plaster (HD)

-concrete 1 (HD)

4 new roofs (tagged [industrial]):

-red brick front + corrugated iron

-yellowish brick with plaster front + rusty corrugated iron

-concrete front 1 + tar cover

-concrete front 2 + corrugated iron

2 new door types:

-steel door (HD)

-rusty door (HD)

1 new window type:

-industrial "squares" windows sbustitute vanilla windows (HD)


-Vanilla buildings wood pavement (internal) changed to concrete

-Vanilla brick wall model changed to high def brick wall

-Vanilla stone wall model changed to high def concrete wall

-Vanilla rural stone model changed to high def concrete blocks wall

-Vanilla ground pavement 1 changed to concrete squares pavement

-Vanilla ground pavement 2 changed to asphalt pavement

-Vanilla ground dirt ploughed ew changed to coal deposit

-Vanilla ground dirt ploughed ns changed to different dirt tile

-Vanilla ground mud changed to high def mud

-Added new high def ground mud [muddy] in darker tone

I'm working on a small, but complete, showcase scenario. Meanwhile, please enjoy.

Special thanks to Mord for the suggestions concerning building modding and all other modders for inspiration. Thanks to Aris for providing a great terrain mod to start with (in the picture: Aris' dirt ground).

Always open to any suggestion or criticism, this is the first of I hope several mods of the same genre.

Best wishes,

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Thanks a lot.

That's true not very related to bagration, although I was thinking about minsk, Vilnius too, yet I really like the idea of urban setting.

I hope there will be a module to cover 1944-45 up to berlin.

Meanwhile you can play fictional scenarios, and they might be more interesting after a lot of time spent between Woods and marshes..

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I made a few more urban maps that will show up in the QB roster. Those could be used as a start point. I also have one or two that never made it in that I will release when I get a chance.

I also have a master map of Vitebsk that is about a quarter done. I'll try to mix some of these in if I get to finish it. We may be in Berlin by then, though!

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