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About Blasting Hedrow's?

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Is there a way to keep engineers from running thru the Hedrow hole after the Blast?

they run out in open. And become setting Duck's for the German troops across the open field.


Yes there is, istead of ordering the blast command through the hedgerow, order it parallel to it. This way they will not go through the gap.

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Just a thing to remember: If they start the blast order sitting up against the hedge, they will blast that spot before moving to the end of the blast order orange line. If they start just one action square away, they will blast the first object they encounter along the orange line.

I had them blow up a haystack once, while their friends were under fire and desperately waiting for the hedge to be blown :) Some cursing is inevitable while dealing with engineers...

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Also, you can delay their order in the turn until there's just enough time for them to complete it (means you need to set up a test situation with an identical team to discover how long it takes for the given set of specialisms and soft factors to conduct a demolition...). That way, they'll have just set off the "Boom" and be about to run to the end of their Blast order when the orders phase rolls around.

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