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Tank Riders

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Which is why there should never be penalty for the Russian side for incurring x% casualties in any scenario. A nation that fosters a doctrine as spendthrift in human lives as tank desant clearly has its own priorities.

You got that right :D But there's still a place for this variable in games. If the higher command wants to use the same unit for another mission later in the day they're not going to be happy if the unit is slaughtered taking the previous objective. Which means the upper command might not value the lives themselves, but does value the combat potential.

As for the dismounting behavior... this is going to be one of those things that is discussed a lot. The problem is, as has been stated, that dismounting is very situationally dependent. The player has control over this most of the time, so we're only talking about situations that happen when the player is not able to make that choice. For WeGo it is before the end of a turn, for RealTime it is when the player's attention is distracted.

Unfortunately, there's no easy fix for this.

Note that AFVs with tank riders can not go faster than MOVE because they wouldn't be able to hold on. Which means even if you order a tank to use FAST it won't if there are riders onboard. If they jump off then the tank will increase speed.


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I don't think any interface changes are coming for tank riders--no "IF this THEN dismount" orders.

But I wonder if it might be possible to connect tank rider behavior to the speed of the tank's movement. Riders on a Fast/Quick/Move tank would be expected to hold on to the end waypoint, while riders on a Slow/Hunt tank would be expected to jump off and deploy under any significant fire. The rule would be, If you really want your riders to stay aboard under fire, speed up.

I'm sure this wouldn't fit every situation, but it seems intuitive enough for most. I just don't know if units in CM can take contextual cues from other units this way.

That might work really well: take the "determination to get where you're going" setting from the tank's speed, but still cap the tank at "not throwing the grunts under the tracks", regardless of the order type.

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