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  1. After activating CMSFx2 I still have CMSFx1 installed as well.
  2. I had help from Steve before so you are right I just don't want to mess it up. Yes all of them are with BF.
  3. Ok Tl/dr previous threads but I bought each one individually, when installing upg do I just use the CMSFx1 key or have to put each of the CMSFx1 modules as well when using the CMSFx2 bundle install?
  4. Hii, Having problems store not recognizing my email or old email/PW. Thanks, Jeff
  5. How do I take a screenshot? <- Newb
  6. I can see a target for regular targeting but the same target for smoke I can't on my arty.
  7. Green and Regular troops do It, the Italians if you spit in their direction do it, seems most are doing it - so not everyone is cut out to be John Wanye ya know. He who shoots first runs last that is the rule of the game and anytime the sky falls (chicken little) all bets are off. Haven't play any CMRT yet bet the Russians\commissars are prob doing it as well. Need to run tests on crack/veteran troops and see how they react then we can actually tell if it's a general problem or a morale and experience problem. I know I'm not playing games with green, reg, Italians, & Russians maybe(haven't tested).
  8. In CMBS you have roof access - shouldn't be much of a prob for all the rest of the CM2's
  9. That really wasn't the problem - it was once running the game wasn't any good. I learned Assembler and BASIC on C-64, set me up for a IT career and was damn good money for what amounted to easy work. FWIW - Steve was a big help getting all the games to work from a fresh install and was much appreciated.
  10. Any females in the Red army - and/if can the reds send some in as scouts to infiltrate and distract the german FO's and OBS? Add a whole new level of spotting the enemy and taking them out hehe.
  11. FWIW I d/l fraps and just did a little test. AMD 8350 - Gigabyte 990fxa UD3 - 16Gb RAM - Nvidia GTX 1050ti 4Gb 391.01. Ran a huge CMBN battle All options on and at highest settings - fps avg 10-20. Same battle VS off - fps no higher than 25. VS off Balanced fps 25-30. just on this simple test I'm staying with these settings - loaded a tiny battle fps avg above 60. Just my .02
  12. IICptMillerII no, it was just a Inf plt, HMG, & Sm mortor. all green (not sure of the name anymore). I tried to use the smoke on the enemy, but I think it would have been better used covering the the advance and I prob would have had better results.
  13. My entire inf force was green. It was a small battle with a allied attk and they couldn't stay long enough for supporting forces to come to the line. CMBN.
  14. I cannot get fire suppression cause green troops run. They won't stay after being fired upon once - they flee. If someone gets hurt or dies they enter panic. Trying to bring 3-4 units to a line to gain fire suppression is like herding cats.
  15. That particular behavior is already implemented in game. I just need to train my drivers better when coming under fire not to go towards the threat. hehe
  16. Backed it up and nailed it to where he doesn't look out the window anymore hehe.
  17. Dammit well that is the problem I have LOS on very small hard to get to position against a sniper and he will kill my scouts and cause a slow down on my attack. Thought I'd suppress him enough to get the scouts up without wasting any arty on him. Any inf unit taking shots will just get them killed and the attack goes down hill from there. TYVM
  18. I have a SPW 259 with target and during turn the cycle goes thru arming and firing for main gunner but the unit is not shooting. Says saved game file to big to attach.
  19. I wasn't going against BF - I do know that BF knows exactly whether you have a active elicense in effect. This was because everytime I upgraded or bought a new machine I had to re-activate and they keep track of the activations.
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