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Bug or ??

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Love the game. Bought, installed and played a short game. Great intro music also. I even like most of the interface. Great job!

One question, the action button you press to start/end a turn. It keeps flashing. It is driving me nuts. Is this a bug or is it supposed to flash the entire time?

Also, I noticed that this loads extremely fast and the turns are faster but there seems to be a delay when I click on a unit. About 1-2 seconds but it can be distracting when you expect it is act instantaneously. Could it be one of my settings (though I clicked ATI off)


7850 with 2 Gigs Ram

Intel SSD

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Ha! I has to start the game to see what you were talking about. All my months of Beta testing and I never noticed that button flashing. :) I'll post a report to see if that was intentional. I notice in Realtime it only flashes when the game is paused.

MikeyD, there was a report filed. It was noted in one of the tester threads as well. Hopefully, fixed by the next patch.

Canada Guy, you get used to it.:)

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Heh... yeah, that's the problem with playing the game for dozens of hours while it's under development. Annoying things that don't affect gameplay usually get noted, but sometimes we all forget they are there since we tune them out while waiting for the issue to be fixed.

Definitely can fix this one easily. The game simply thinks that a WeGo player has the game "paused", which obviously is technically correct but not desirable from a UI standpoint.


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I don't know, I kind of like the flashing button. Most of the time I don't notice it at all and it helps me not to accidentally click on it when what I really want is the Menus button. I really wish the Go button could be placed in a far off corner all by itself to eliminate or reduce the chance of accidentally hitting it. Even better would be a suggestion that I think Womble made to have a pop up box asking if you really want to change phases.


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