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German flame tank?

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Not quite yet. The Germans had pretty close to none in use for this time period. The Soviets, on the other hand, had TONS of them. As in hundreds.

However, the Germans do have the SPW 251/16 and of course manpack flamethrowers. You can find the SPW 251/16 in Individual Vehicles or as part in the Armor tab. It's the Regimental Pioneer Company (Armored).


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Flammpanzer IIIs were actually built and fielded in 1943, prior to Bagration. Some were even deployed in Operation Zitadelle. But it wasn't a very successful design; only about 100 were built and by mid-1944 probably less than half of these were left. There are records of a few of them being in service until almost the end of the war, though.

I don't know of any examples of Flammpanzer IIIs in action in the Bagration timeframe & region. It's possible but unlikely, I think.

Flammpanzer Hetzers were even rarer. IIRC, only a couple dozen or so of these conversions were ever done. They first saw service in the Ardennes offensive in December 1944 and I actually don't know if any of them ever made it to the East Front. Maybe very late 1945.

Earlier war, there were some Pz I & II flame conversions, but I doubt any of these were still in service by mid-1944.

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