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Advice on the next purchase

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I've got the basic CMBN with 2.0 upgrade and I can't decide what to buy next. I was considering Commonwealth and Market -Garden modules as the highest priority -until I played CMFI demo (and loved it). What would you recommend first: two CMBN modules or CMFI + Gustav Line?

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CMFI/GL is fun! I would say if you enjoy the demo, get CMFI/GL. Eventually you can add the two CMBN modules to make the fulfill the CMBN treat.Then some Red Thunder is on order... for WWII completeness. Leave room for Black Sea and CMSF-2 because New Modern CM v3.0 is really, really going to Rock:D

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Of course the right answer is Red Thunder....

Oh, CMRT is a must have -so it is excluded from these considerations. And I guess we have at least month till release- a lot of time to replenish the wallet.

For now I think I will go with CMFI + Gustav Line -there is a nice bundle available.

Thanks for advice!

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