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How to install files and scenarios

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Maybe a stupid question but how do you install new files and scen.?I can't locate a scen folder in the data folder or a graphics folder to extract to.

To update I just read on forum about scen not showing up,it mentions a game data/scenario folder my install doesn't show it.

It's installed in program files(x86)the data folder shows nothing but 6 brz files 100 thru 112 and an intro file nothing else.

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I have Witp ae,wite,Hp's Antietam,pennisula,franklin,ozark,smolensk,

Gettysburg.ageods rop,wia,aacw1,aacw2,aje,bor.

scourge of war,sh4,il2 1946,steel fury,Hannibal rome v carthage.

Advanced tactics.

Cmfi is the only one to utilizes c/documents .

I also had cm Normandy,barbarrosa,and Africa corp.

Not a criticism but unsuspected,I was looking at main directory

and thinking"How the f*** does this game run?"

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For a cup of month I was in the same situation, I do not found the way for new scenaris.

Personly I don't like the system from CMFI (C:\Users\"My name"\Documents... but like "Vergeltungswaffe" said this is the way windows looks at permissions....).

I "moved" all C:\Users\"My name"\Documents in (E drive is to me the Game drive) I use only C for system another drive for d datas... because

I want keep all documents and saved documents on another drive and have CMFI files in the same drive if windows will crash.

Only to better understand the path, and find it very quickly in the forum, I changed the way

C(instead E):\Users\"My name"\Documents\Battlefront...

Hope next game from BF Bagration will use the path like CMBN...

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