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New file at the Repository: Kampfgruppe Engel open country campaign (2013-12-26)

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Tricky tedious LOS and close quarter armor clashes are no more. Deleted are trees, walls and fences to turn the original Kampfgruppe Engel campaign into an open country mechanized maneuver warfare. Also deleted are most of the off board artillery, so anything that hits you, you can hit it back.What you command is an elite force of:2 platoons of Tiger heavy tanks1 company of Panzergrenadiers1 FO sectionand some extra artillery when neededThe setup zones in some of the scenarios are edited, you will always start at the edge of the map so any defensive position needs to be grabbed fast using the speed of the mechanized troops. The elevations of the setup zones are adjusted to hide them from any OPFOR unit's LOS to prevent bombardment. Use hull down positions and fire and maneuver tactics to utilize the long range advantage of the Tigers, and hide the half tracks well for they're all too fragile to take any incoming fire.The scenarios are purely linear so that everyone of them is played, and they're all the "worst case scenarios" from the original campaign so the OPFOR is at the strongest strength. Resupply and refit is rather generous, but feel free to tweak everything since the core unit file, campaign script and all the scenarios are included in the pack.


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I have not done it but I would start by de-compiling the campaign with @MadMike's campaign and scenario information tool. I do not know if that actually nets you a core unit file so the first thing you might need to do is find the scenario with the most complete set of [core] units, make a copy of it to use as a new core unit file. Then you would have to make sure you included another units that were [core] but cut out of the scenario you used to recreate the core unit scenario.

Note: A core unit file is just a scenario that you decide contains the core units. Once they are imported into a scenario the can be removed from that scenario bit by bit just like anything else. So, any particular scenario that you import those core units into could have any additions or deletions that the editor can make.

After that you would then make the changes you wanted and import into each and every scenario as needed. Also, you might need to delete the older core units - I have no idea if importing preforms a replacement or an addition. You would have to pay attention to AI plans, Reinforcement settings and initial deployment as well. For each scenario.

Once each scenario was tweaked to still work then you would recompile the campaign again using your newly changed scenario files.

That is how I would start. Or more accurately that is what I would thing about and then decide - nah I'm not doing that :D If you are undaunted let us know how it goes.

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Max included all the files in the download, so I have the core units file. I haven't figured out a way to import that into the editor and change it though. It may be as simple as creating a new core unit that I want and replacing his with that, then compiling it. We shall see.

Have never tried to make changes to any campaigns before...

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If you wanted to do nothing but change the core unit file, how would you go about that?

Hi Vergeltungswaffe yep just edit the core file and re-import them into the scenario, after that delete the unwanted core units.

actually MadMike's tool extract everything except the core. Therefore some campaigns you can edit and some not. KG engel was the lucky few..

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