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Need some input for Cuff Titles


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I'm going to make new cuff titles for the SS troops in the game. Just beginning to test it out and i need some opinions before I go in any deeper. I want to know if the Hohenstaufen title is too bright white and needs to be colored like the stock LAH title or just fine?


I'm planning on making ones for Leibstandarte, Das Reich, Hohenstaufen, Frundsberg, Hitlerjugend, Gotz Von Berlichingen, and Landstorm Nederland.

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The SS Arm Eng uniforms? I am not sure...I was wondering about these myself. You could copy them and draw a big red X on them and drop'em in the z folder...see if they show up.


I cant find the uniform option I have just Standard, Late, and No camo... Heer troops do have it though an its just infantry wearing the assault gun wrapper.

Im just about done with the sleeve eagles im giving enlisted men and officer's/nco's different styles I don't know how accurate that is but I like it.


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It's a tricky ass texture to put words and such on. MJ, DC, or some of the other uni guys may be able to give you some advice as they have done a lot of mods using patches. As for my opinion, it's above passable. The sleeve looks very good.


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Use them both...as new and faded. I always assumed foliage loops were not standardized, since I've seen them in various positions in WW II pics.

Will do, i'll probably have a pack ready tonight with 4 maybe 5 types faded an unfaded versions included. It'll add some more variety i suppose.

I noticed somethings while making these. that weird warp at the front of the helmets caused by the model i guess. An with the shaders on they have the surface of a plain helmet.

Here's another


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I will be uploading to Green as Jade's shortly. The mod will include 8 helmet covers in both spring an fall mix of Oakleaf, Plane Tree, and Blurred Edge patterns. Early war overprint patterns thrown in for shi**s an giggles they are much cleaner than the others. These were the 1st waffen SS camos issued but they were used throughout the war.

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