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Come on already!!

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I had only a couple of minutes to play with it before coming to work (where I am downloading again because I forgot to bring the usb stick... doh!). I fired up a very short mission for a few turns of wego against the AI, it involved defending a bridge, I didn't read the briefing, but I wanted to observe path finding on the bridge since it was an issue in one of the AAR's. It seemed right to me, I may actually try some singleplayer tonight (a rarity for me). Anyway, it looks good so far.

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downloaded it, but all the market garden battles and campaigns are grayed out?

Check your Modules folder. You should see a Market Garden EXE. If you don't, there's a very good chance that if you're running anti-virus software (especially Norton) that it quietly blocked the installer from doing it's thing.

If you are running any anti-virus software, disable it and try reinstalling. If you're not running anything like that, and you do see the Market Garden EXE in your Modules folder, then definitely go to the Help Desk and open a ticket so we can help you figure this out.


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Saturday morning here in Australia, plenty of time to see how a certain man is having a terrible morning trying to cross a certain bridge


(sorry for the quality of the screenshot, built-in Windows 8 screenshot feature doesn't like much OpenGL).

Perhaps one of the most intense firefights I've ever seen in CMx2. And perhaps not one of the most interesting scenarios ever. But boy, what a delight to behold.

It took about 15 seconds to compute the replay on my two months old i7.

EDIT: I shouldn't forget to express my congratulations to the MG development team. Even after a limited experience with MG (got to go to a wedding this afternoon) I think it's safe to say that this is the pinnacle of CMx2. Well done!

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That would be this guy.


Here's a pretty good discussion of the fight, but part of it flatly contradicts the Wiki. In the first link, it says the British were surprised, which is how several AFVs got through. In the latter, it says the British let the first batch of AFVs pass, then engaged the rest of the unit.


One thing's for sure--no problem spotting a force that's fully exposed to multiple observers from above!


John Kettler

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