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German Magazin Review

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Here is a quick translation by google:

You do not find too many items on the net, when entering this strategy title in Google. Sure, it's just another addon that is not translated, and sales only via direct. But it is a new part in an already impressive series of a still improving parts of the Strategic Command series. A new part on a good basic modifiable program now with up to 96,800 fields (484x200)

What's the attraction or what makes SC WWII AoC perhaps even unique?

First Strategic Command is an easily accessible, turn-based strategy game that was steadily improved over the player community, without being really difficult. Each newcomer will immediately make right clicks and after about 1 hour the basics are mastered, including some right-click features. The game is focused on the military side. Diplomacy, research and development are present in the game, but play a minor role.

Most likely you could compare Strategic Command with the Panzer General series or Panzer Corps, with the difference that this game is created much more strategic. There are no long campaigns with several individual scenarios, you play one campaign. So from start to the finish there are about 100 to 200 turns to play. An important feature, and this should be absolutely unique is the "capping" of chance in the battle results. One possible result is displayed before battle and always differs only + -1 of this prediction from.


The picture above shows a difficult situation when storming a fortress. Below are the properties on the left side, the opposing characteristics on the right and the possible results in the middle of battle. A frontal attack of our army would therefore contribute their own losses of 1, 2 or 3 strength points, the opponent would have to reckon with 0 or 1 strength loss. Our medium bomber would own losses of 0, 1 or 2 and the rail gun of 0 or 1

This part is of course changeable like so many things in the game! If you like it, you could set the different variations. +2 or +3 or more. In Panzercorps for example there is also a display for potential battle starting,but this may, in exceptional cases even turn around and then a King Tiger tank could be overrun by an infantry division. Interfere with the immensely long-term planning and therefore there is no such thing as standard with SC.

In this game situation would therefore be helpful to reduce the opponent's Entrenchment of an artillery bombardment on several trains. Only then can a direct attack lead to the desired success. This is certainly not difficult to understand and the important unit parameters are displayed at a glance.

The very first game of this Strategic Command 2 series called Blitzkrieg is from 2006 and has been designed and developed by Hubert Cater. Meanwhile, many people are more involved in the design, where the main focus is in the playability. For a long time there was, for example, an excessive dominance of bombers in the game. This is the latest fully disappeared with this part. Also to a large number of special units and gave it at any time. That's nice, but detracts from the game.

The game is played on a rectangular field, not hexes. The game map is clear and tidy, as indicated here:


The playing field is average chic for a turn-based game, and 2-times zoomable. The picture shows the second Level and is more for an overview. Now we come to the new Addon "Assault on Communism."

Selected the two sides, Axis or Allied (here only Russians). AoC plays at the Division level, which means the beginning are around 140 units on both sides available. The axis marches, the Allies try to entrench themselves behind rivers or on favorable hill / forest terrain. In open terrain, the expected results are fighting at 4:0 or 5:0 for tanks, infantry at least 3:1. That changed after about 40 moves. Germany has to hurry up and fast units should go on the streets quickly eastward and prevent entrenchment of the enemy.

The large map makes the streets for the first time in this series SC really important. Previously this was of minor importance. Who does not take into account particular axis as the streets enough, loses the game. Very useful is a recently implemented forced march option, with the affect that unit receives double action points, but also lose morale. The initial inferiority of the Russians is simulated by a better attack value by +2 of German tanks and infantry improved by +1. Although you must always consider a connection to a headquarters, so this advantage of the Germans also comes into play. A German tank can eliminate an enemy unit in a move by two attacks under good conditions. But beware, sometimes the enemies flee and retreat.

Although the Russian tanks can also attack 2 times, then only create a maximum damage of 2 x 3 = 6 Interestingly, it is only when more strong Russians units attacking. That is quite possible, but not easy in the beginning. To the winter, all of attack values are halved and the fronts consolidated.

An important point in the game is the adequate supply of supplies on both sides. Movement and combat characteristics are directly affected. Cities and villages provide the units automatically, and the closer a unit is to supply a source of supply is the percentage the better value. Headquarters can also supply units, but they are among the slower units. The aim is to control the 4 cities Leningrad, Stalingrad, Moscow and Baku. It's hard to make it to the first winter 41/42. But especially Leningrad and Rostov-on-Don can and should be achieved.

Compared to its predecessors are also a lot of the AI did. This has now been divided two. There is now an operational and tactical level of artificial intelligence. To examine whether the AI holding the front is still useful or you can be better to fall back on better ground with better values and more supply units. The second level checks easily attack targets including the correct sequence of attacks. Units can also swap the positions after an attack (darker blue), so both can attack in a single turn.


Nevertheless SC WWII AoC has been made for the multiplayer mode. One turn takes in the aforementioned 140 units about half an hour and an entire game takes place often with some back and forth for some weeks. Unfortunately you will find in Germany only a few players, although the game is quite a fan base safely here. The best way to go is thru the battlefront.com website and the forum there. The community usually responds in 1 to 2 days to problems, suggestions and gives practical help.

Conclusion: SC WWII AoC has a thoughtful and at this level also unique gameplay. I have always bothered Panzercorps the sometimes stark battle results. Who knows but this series and plays should venture a look. Strategic Command is created clearly strategic, but just by a growing units also his heart. If something does not work, you often get a second chance and do the next time to appreciate the success more. This is to get only in English and in direct sales, is certainly a disadvantage. But the community translated some dynamic values, as you can see from the screenshots and a download is done quickly today.

Posted by Amadeus

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I think Al is one of the best scenario designers and AI programmers. His earlier brute force shows he knows a thing or two about this.

However there are some flaws with AoC, there are too many units, the game do not simulate the war of mobilty instead 2-3 lines of hordes moving towards each other. Partly that is due to flaws in the sc2 engine but also that the scenario was created that way. I firmly believe that this type of scenario should be at corps not divisional level and that unit-types ought to be reduced.

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