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  1. Hoping the new patch balances Barb41 more. Some feel its pro Soviet.
  2. Early in the war yea, they are cheaper than normal tanks and they have a 2x strike. They aren't as good mind you. But for 1941 they serve the purpose.
  3. Light tanks you use for counter attacking. I think you have 25 light tanks vs the German 13 or so... Don't remember #s. But its part of the Soviet strategy on how to use them. Ya just have to figure out the best way
  4. numdydar is correct about German tank units but its also the training. It roughly took the Soviets 3-4 shots to hit a German tank, it took the Germans 1-3 shots to hit a Soviet tank. Just that statistic can define a battle.
  5. Wow really interesting development. I'm curious to what will happen now.
  6. LW divisions were paper tigers. They had no real effective combat strength. The are listed on the build list if you want to build them. They would effectively be a garrison or a division without tech.
  7. Mud and winter happen when they should and their effect on the Germans is pretty heavy. There is actually a tactic for the Germans and the Soviets to use during winter. I won't reveal it and let all of you figure it out.
  8. In the war the Russians lost about 3-4x as many planes as the Germans even as late as 1944. They never ruled the skies by casualties, just by numbers. But repping a 3x advantage in planes is just not practical. So the idea is each air point for the Soviets really is 2 airpoints at 1/2 the cost. They take about twice as much damage thus it equals a 3-4x loss ratio with the Germans having the tech advantage. Worked out better than expected.
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