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  1. Looking at the post I just realized I made a mistake on the victory conditions.
  2. Casualty chart would be nice to see. I am curious how it was.
  3. http://www.grognard.de/review-strategic-command-wwii-assault-on-communism/ This one is in German. You can run it through Google translate for English.
  4. I am the designer of AoC. AoC is an Eastern Front game. It has a new map that is larger than the WW1 Storm over Europe Scenario. The combat system is modified from standard SC2 in the editor to more accurately represent the Eastern Front. It is a large game but not overwhelming. There are naval naval aspects to it. AoC has very deep involved strategies and future planning for both sides. Download the demo for it and get a feel to see if you like it.
  5. They are implemented in a different way than you think. It is just events
  6. I like seeing these reports. They validate the strategies that were beta tested. Good work.
  7. Which game you play depends on the level of detail you want. I own WitE and it is an excellent game in detail and scope far superior to the original War in Russia from the 1980s. But sadly it is too large for my taste. I believe it also allows you to micro-manage as much or as little as you want. But yes there are quite a few pieces on the map. So it's about finding your level of play. I prefer corp/division level games personally. AoC is corp/division level for the Germans, and army/division level for the Soviets.
  8. Prepare for winter. Hunker down and get in defensive positions.
  9. My suggestion is when the winter effects hit you have to attack. You have got to pound down their supply even if it costs you. The more you pound him down in the winter the longer he needs to prepare for the summer and the shorter the summer offensive will be. I just attack units even @ 0-0 and 1-0. The Germans just can't take it. Out flank out maneuver. Wait for the freezing effects.
  10. I checked the rail is connected. I will look at my version to verify.
  11. I made the changes and it's being tested ATM to be sure it's ok.
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