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new unit 3D model

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Hello everyone!

I am Chinese and my English is just senior high school standard so some of my introduction you may need try to understand,sorry.

This RAR file is a little mod I made what I think could make units of SC2_AOC look more cool.


1.transform special forces into Waffen-SS and Guards.add MP44,MG34 to the Waffen-SS and red flag to the Guards.

2.all USSR unit painted with red star,even you can see a red star on soldier's helmet.

3.USSR Army changes its appearance when upgrads,the change is exciting I think.you may have chance to see red flags all over the mountains and plains when the red army begin to counterattack.

4.add Nazi flags on top of Germen tanks and mechanized corps for Air defense identification.

5.Germen crops changes its appearance when upgrads,now you can see 98k sniper rifle,MP44,MG34 appear one after another.

6.Waffen-SS and German paratroop now have camouflage uniform and paratroop equiped with 98k sniper rifle,MP44(I know it is FG42 in history but I am lazy ).

7.Germen AT,AA,AR,RA,changed look.

8.Japnese unit all have its classical sun flag on their rifle and tank.JP infantry has bayonet in front of their rifle.

9.all navay units now have flags.

10.and so on.Cinese units not changed(although I am Chinese...) because I am tired and Chinese units seems to be little in this expansion.

you can download it at


where I just uploaded it.

copy the Bitmaps file to the right Campaign folder which you want to play and cover the original file。

have fun !

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