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  1. Because the test of skill involved is how long can you hold the Soviets off, or to phrase it as the other poster did--can you hold the Soviets off long enough for the Western Allies to take Berlin? It's like any other wargaming situation--can you do better than history?
  2. Are those swastikas on the German tanks? If so, no thank you.
  3. Awesome Al. I didn't mean to insult the effort put into this game...I was just shocked something like that didn't make the game itself. Just seems SO obvious...
  4. I love the game, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. One big disappointment, though, is that this big, beautiful campaign map BEGS for a 1944-45 "Bagration to Berlin" type campaign. I'd LOVE to be able to test my skills playing as Germany vs the AI to see how long I could last against the Soviet juggernaut. I know people will say that someone could design the campaign. I don't have the skills or I'd do it myself. It just seems like an awfully big omission in a game of this magnitude.
  5. Was wondering what the timeframe is for the first patch.
  6. Hopefully they're working on an iPad version and maybe it'll see an enhancement or two...
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing it--I've betatested multiple games myself and I know what's involved, and I know what a game looks like when you rush it out. I was objecting to his attitude of "hahaha, yea, there's a date, but you don't know it and I do."
  8. You know what, abukede--you may be amused by someone asking a question about the release date--but guess what, we're paying customers. Sorry we're not as "in" as you to be beta-testing this, but you can take your humor and shove it.
  9. Not yet...and although there are some slight issues that I'm sure will be addressed, this is a blast and I"m awfully impressed by the AI. I don't know if I'm going to be able to break them before I get my ass kicked back to the Fatherland. As a side note, as someone mentioned in another thread, I'd gladly pay money to have these improvements ported to the Global Conflict campaigns. $10, easy. Or I have a couple of nieces I could sell.
  10. Yes, you do. Do you know how much of my free time has been sucked away by Assault on Communism this weekend? It's hard, long, and thirsty work helping the Fuhrer smash the Red Menace once and for a...um, I mean, eradicating the Fascist dogs and driving them out of Mother Russia. Yes, that's what I meant... In either case, thanks for sucking away all my free time this weekend. Appreciate it. :) .
  11. Does AoC include the additional scenarios from the Gold expansion? In other words, do I need to buy the Gold bundle plus AoC, or can I just buy the base game and AoC?
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