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AoD 1939 AAR in German

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Dear Readers,

on the weekend I have started a Beta AAR for the 1939 campaign. Unfortunately for most readers, it will be in German.

I play the Axis versus the Allied AI, difficulty 100%. I think most pictures will explain themselves, even for people who do not speak German.

Please do not hesitate to ask if there are any questions.


Have fun!

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Do you notice any AI improvements compared to the Gold version?

Since apparently the Assault on Communism AI is very sophisticated (didn't play it yet myself), is it the same here?

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* * * Breaking News * * *

Japan attacks the Philippines, and the United States of America declares War on Japan! And it is just March 1941!!!


A massive attack by the Kido Butai destroys the American defenders, and the Philippines surrender.

Want to see more?


Have fun! I can guarantee I am having fun at the moment!!! :D

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