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  1. Thanks guys, see you over at the Matrix/Slitherine forums. Now get to work on SC3!
  2. I've already accomplished a double envelopment of Ichang in one game, about on the same timeline as you guys. You SC masters are providing for some very entertaining moves, keep it up!:cool:
  3. No doubt that abu will deploy CV Task Forces into the Indian Ocean after those purchases. Good move HC, get those ports garrisoned and better think about some airpower of the naval variety for deployment later and maybe a sub or two.
  4. Damn-it HC, you left the gate open, the cows are about to get out!
  5. If we could revisit that 3 X TAC + medium bomber airstrike that took out the UK cruiser TF, what were the air unit losses taken to complete the mission?
  6. Too good, but I'm never satisfied(the quest for the unattainable, perfection), how about the tech categories for upgrades.........please!
  7. So... how about some CTVs for the new units, like CVLs and medium bombers?
  8. While I can understand an attack on the Italian navy by RN CVs, I'm wondering if the Axis have a counter? For the RN CVs to hangout in the Adriatic for a couple of weeks without a land based air response seems a little ridiculous. I would expect IRL if something like this occurred the RN CVs would be at the bottom of the Med or seriously damaged and turning tail for UK ports after a couple of attacks. I'm not concerned with political ramifications, just let the weapon platforms respond with the players making the decision to use the capability or not.
  9. Medium bombers at low level? Just a play on words, or does there exist a real choice of capability?
  10. Thanks Abukede for the informative CTV displays. You'd think that with the size of an Army and the additional asset attachments, like heavy artillery, that they might have a strategic attack capability, able to interdict the supply capability of a resource. Just a thought.
  11. Interesting that CDGs have a 2 spotting range for sea tiles. I understand that artillery pieces in a dug in condition would be "soft" targets, but if simulating the type of gun emplacements along the Atlantic Wall, I would think they'd qualify as "hard". Also do they have an "all around" defense capability or are they more like entrenchments and have facing aspects? Just curious about the decision making.
  12. Now we're talkin, nicely done Ghost! Being it November, I doubt the Reds will try anything other than retaking Morozovsk, make them pay. Hope you got additional fighters to back up those return strikes the Red's may launch.
  13. Sorry Ghost, I guess I kind of "flew off the handle" there. So Al, since the combat characteristics have changed for swamps, would you like to clue us in on the combat penalties and bonuses? How about the supply aspects, swamps are notorius for bad supply situations, are roads available to funnel resources into the fighting troops engaged in swamplands?
  14. WTH Ghost!!! This little half-a$$ defense of St Petersburg is getting on my nerves, where's the Luftwaffe? This is swamp land, there's an ariel bonus, get them ready for the campaigning season. The name of this game is "take the highground", unleash the Stukas, the Junkers, the Heinkels, Dorniers, bomb them Ruskies into submission. The key to USSR is take Saint P. and roll up the front, north to south, as soon as the weather clears, "strike with the whip and hold the reins loose".
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