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  1. Awesome, brother JJ returns, our original forum historian. Hope you are doing well, great to hear from you, and if you'll make a jaunt over to the Matrix forum, you'll find SC3 in the works. HC, Bill and Al collaborating on the best SC yet and I'm sure some of the old guys, like Desert Dave aka(Immer Etwas) and no doubt Blashy amongst others are contributing also. Dos Equis in hand, I toast to our health!
  2. I get it, the scout bombers are available for the Italians(active). Hopefully we'll have interceptors(based in Malta) that can actually cause an aborted mission for SC3, but I'm sure Bill will work out a logical solution for SoE.
  3. I don't have SoE, so I may be way off here, but where is the French Med fleet when these German units are moving to North Africa?
  4. "Other projects eating up all of our time" sounds like news I was hoping for!
  5. Probably the Matrix forum would be the more appropriate place to pose the question. Don't be disappointed SW if you receive the "silent" treatment as that is usually the "appropriate" response from the Fury team. Rest assured they are busy with their attention totally dedicated to the development of the game, which, I'm sure, we will not be disappointed with.:cool:
  6. I think this is a subjective matter as all 3 platforms are excellent MP prospects. I would say the least immersive as reference to time consumption(my biggest dilemma) is AoC, followed by AoD and then the WW1 campaign. Big decision is what dynamics you prefer, mostly ground and air combat(AoC), both with naval aspects in a more limited theater(WW1), or the ultimate global conflict that WW2 was(AoD). You are free to choose.:cool:
  7. Ha! another minimalist, imagine how the world would be if more sheople practiced self-denial? Only the essentials:cool:, GC + AoD, don't think you need GC gold.
  8. Don't forget HQ attachments, higher command ratings, greater experience levels, yields combat units with greater combat prowess.
  9. As Bill stated the supply giving level is dependent on the HQ proximity to resources noting that an HQ within a supply giving (6 or greater)range will have the full 10 supply level to impart to combat units. As the resource rendering supply drops to 5 or less range the HQ supply giving level will be reduced to eight and of course if the resource is not within range(0 level) the HQ will only have a 5 supply level to give to combat units. It goes without saying that the higher supply your combat units have access to, the greater their effectiveness. Keeping them at maximum supply and max strength allows greatest efficiency and if one is exclusive from the other make sure the one that the combat unit has access to is maxed or its effectiveness will erode turn after turn.
  10. Hopefully with the coming of SC3, there will be a feature where majors can shift alliances, especially after they've been vanquished. Seems logical that a major would become allied with the cause that made them surrender, historically accurate, and also they have been shown "THE LIGHT".
  11. One other very important task for the USSR player to accomplish. The Red Army must always keep an adequate number of ground combat units for imminent deployment in the build Q. This should be a number one priority for the Allied player to address from the beginning of the first turn of SC. Units that are ready to deploy onto the map give the USSR player maximum flexibility to stem any breakthrough the Axis might accomplish as they can be positioned around any 5 or greater supply source in the Allied player turn. Do not, I repeat, do not ever leave the Red Army build Q devoid of ground combat units, always keep a reserve, 3 units is adequate, 5 is better. If you find yourself without a build Q reserve, you are indeed in dire circumstances.
  12. OK, you know the SC supply rules and you know how to access the supply display for each rhombus(tile), for the current turn and for the potential next turn, right? Simply find the supply sources that are rated 6 or more and keep your HQs within a distance that does not allow them to fall to less than or equal to 5. So for an 8 supply source, do not allow your HQ to be greater than a movement cost of 2 away. They will then have a 10 supply value to project to combat units in their periphery. If the supply source has only a 5 value, make sure you are within 4 movement cost with your HQ deployment in which it will then convey an 8 supply value to in range combat units. Use your "S" key to check the supply status of surrounding tiles, you'll get the hang of it!
  13. I don't see it that way. With Soviet HQs in proper deployments the Red Army always has the benefit of 10 supply. The Red Army has a monumental task at hand to properly inhibit the German and Japanese armed forces from overrunning their country, but it is not impossible. Actually with patience and a strategy of retreat of the historical variety the USSR can, with the pro-active aggression of the Western Allies, finally stymie the Axis assault. To be sure, it is a fine line of balance that AoD possesses, as the fortunes can go either way. I always garrison every USSR city and defend in favorable terrain, allowing the Red Army occupants the greatest entrenchment value. Don't lose your nerve, try to provide for a line of communication to the rear echelons to keep your soon to be vanquished forces an adequate supply to regenerate. You can prevail.
  14. When Poland succumbs, do not accept M-R pact and prepare to move to attack USSR in late Summer of 40 after the French surrender. Maneuver and deploy units for the best jump-off positions for the Spring-Summer 41 campaign. Orient the Japanese to hold off Chinese aggression and add them to the USSR campaign in the east in 1942. USSR won't last until 44.
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