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upgrade question?


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Thanks for the quick response . So CMFI + the commonwealth and V2.0 will cost me 100 us, about 65 uk !! I think i will spend my money else were . Looks like i will be learning to fly an A10 with my new year money as they are having a great sale and vanilla CMBN will do just fine for now ....

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Pvt Ryan he mentioned the CW module aswell. Personally I'd rather buy CMFi and CW and the upgrade over A10 as I found A10 very dry. Only for the dedicated Simmers. FC3 might be OK though. ED just don't do Single player immersion that well.

I keep going to buy CW but just can't afford it!! Soon though hopefully.

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I am not criticizing battlefronts pricing or there games . Combat mission is unique and i enjoy them all . But given a limited budget i got the whole dcs world with the a10 for 15.99 us . And as i already have FC2 and CMBN It was a no brainier for me . i also bought battlefield 3 for 20 us as well,so all my money spent . i would rather have spent it on combat missions but finances rule and i am happy and will revisit the store in the future !!

Edited to say i already have CMBN so it makes it all a bit complicated and expensive wicky ,, May be battlefront might have more upgrade options and bundles to suit all that own there games ???

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