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Wondering team member - in 2.0

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I Recently started a new game of Monty's Butchers using CMBN 2.0 and I now have a wondering mortar gunner. The screen shot is from the command phase of turn 8 (I have the turns saved BTW if anyone wants them). I noticed something was off last turn so I cancelled the mortar team's move order. The gunner just kept running away.


The platoon was advancing in the open field towards to woods. None of my men have any contact with the enemy yet. My new orders are as shown - hopefully he will rejoin his team.

For those that cannot read tiny print this is the Mortar detachment from 2 Platoon A Company.

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Um, the fix, mentioned by Steve right above, will not fix this issue. I mean, Charles was working on wAndering troops. There's nothing in the pipeline for vacant gazing, wool-gathering, bewildered, wOndering troops as asked about in this thread.

Just sayin'...



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Yeah, I had this problem turn up too. A US mortar team had completed its move and was in position. The next turn I gave it a facing command and a deploy command. During the replay, three members of the team, including the leader and gunner, went tearing ass something like a hundred meters through heavy woods back the way they had come and don't look like stopping until they are totally exhausted. Meanwhile, the two remaining members of the team also moved, but laterally and not very far.

Saved turn available.


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