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Requesting status updates on various platform things (not Market Garden)

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Could some official update us on how these things are going? We've seen great diversity in platforms but now there's some lag.

  • Will the new CM touch version that is available for IOS be ported to Android?
  • What happened to the plans to have CM touch in the Android market? Why is Amazon still the only place to buy? I'm not even sure I can install from there.
  • I understand that the CMBN version that was released through the Mac store can not take the British Normandy module at this time, although the regular Mac version can. Two questions:
    • Any plans to change that and make CMBN Brits available for the Mac store edition?
    • Will the Mac store edition of CMBN get the 2.x update? If yes, why is there a technical difference between installing the 2.x patch and a module?

    [*]Will there be a Mac store edition of CMFI?

    [*]Mac version of CMSF?

    [*]Is anything being done about the reports that some OS versions eat up license install allowances? Are installs in such cases still being given back on a 1 by 1 basis instead of restoring the full allowance even if the user was brand new?

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