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Mac and PC questions

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Sorry if this is a rehash of previously discussed questions.

Are PBEM games compatible between the two?

Is Battlefront the developer of the Mac version? Often times this is handed off to a 3rd party for development.

Is there significant differences between the two versions in terms of gameplay, graphics and patching?


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Yes, you can play between Mac and PC for CMBN, CMFI and the future CMSF. As long as both parties are at the same patch level it should work.

The only CM game developed by a third party has been CM Afghanistan. For that particular title the content (textures, models, scenarios, data and some game development decisions) was created by a third party, but all of the programming was done by Battlefront. CM Touch is also done by a related party who developed Drop Team.

Patches are typically released at the same time for both platforms, with the same general fixes. However some fixes may be unique to one platform or another. One version may have a specific bug that the other doesn't.

The same mods and graphics are used for both Mac and PC. Mods can be used with either version (there's no specific 'Mac' version of mod, etc.).

The Mac version is 64-bit, so it can address more than the 2-3GB that the PC/Windows version does, which is 32-bit. I haven't really compared to see what sort of real advantages this offers the Mac version, but POTENTIALLY it may have fewer problems with large maps, etc. I'm not sure how well that actually translates into real-world advantages.

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The only major difference is that the mac version is 64 bits, so it won't have those out-of-memory problems that the windows version shows when hitting the virtual address space limit.

Of course the Mac version is in turn more likely hit the graphic card memory because of the wimpy graphics chips Apple puts in :D

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