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Upgrade Price Announced

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You are wrong in every way, these "Upgrades" fill all of the criteria required for it to be called DLC. They do add extra content to the games, vehicles, maps, scenarios (which you can make yourself anyway but thats not the point), or are you saying that all this **** has been hidden in the original code all along and we shouldn't be paying for stuff that we already have?

I think you may want to go back to the announcement page, we are getting caught in a loop here based on definitions. http://www.battlefront.com/community/announcement.php?f=137&a=545

to quote:

Patch = fixes things that are technically broken or, in some cases, not working as they probably should. Never any new content. Cost = $0

Upgrade = new features or major improvements to existing features. Never any new content. Cost = $10

Module = new game content consisting of units, scenarios, and campaigns. Sometimes terrain. There are no features or fixes included which aren't also available as a free Patch or part of an Upgrade. Cost = $35 or less

Pack = new game content consisting mostly of units. As with Modules, there are no code changes that aren't also available as Patches Cost = not yet determined, but certainly less than a Module

Not that I want to get in the middle of this, but you two may end up agreeing once you start both using the same terminology in context.

Oops sorry, Vanir already posted..... carry on. :o

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This a great system. :) So in the future when v3.0 of the CM2 engine comes out (maybe a year from now or whatever), one only needs to get the v3.0 upgrade and CM:BN will be taken to v3.0. And I assume that automatically updates all the modules released for CM:BN to full v3.0 status (all the latest version 3.0 engine features, etc.)? Since a module is subordinate to the lead game in that particular family of the CM:WW2 wargame series.

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As Steve posted in the announcement, there's going to be a bundle with the upgrade + Market Garden some months after Fortress Italy.

It may be a good moment to get it.

I've already preordered FI and will be squeezing every bit of fun out of it for the months after its release. Market Garden will be a good reason to return to BN, and having tasted the upgrades in the engine in FI, we'll be able to decide if they are really worth the upgrade bucks. (All my bets are they do, ofc).

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