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  1. Target smoke seems to work indeed. No HE shells are carried aparently, since I've yet to see my pixelsquads used as a grenade launcher. If it's true that they were only issued to airborne squads as a smoke discharger... isn't it a bit silly? Carrying such a piece of equipment just for smoke, when there's HE ammo available for that weapon, which is used to great effect in other arms of the armed forces, sounds really silly.
  2. I'm playing MrX's 'Welcome to Sicily' mini-campaign (really enjoying it so far, btw), and in the second mission I'm comanding a british para company for my very first time. I noticed that all squads have a 2inch mortar, but I don't know how to use them in this fashion. It doesn't seem to carry any ammo, but that's perhaps because the ammo screen only shows 4 lines, and the mortar ammo would appear if it could be scrolled down. Even if I Split teams, mortars always teams with a bren gun, and the target tool doesn't work as in regular dedicated 2 inch mortar squads, allowing you to fire o
  3. Confirmed, with real pain . I've just lost a couple of pixeltruppen on account of this misbehaviour. My case was more blatantly silly than your pic, Luke, since the bad guys were 150m dead ahead, and jumping the fence was suicidal.
  4. I agree. I've also suffered great pains experiencing how I can't order area fire to the tall bocage wall 60 meters in front of my MMG because there's a wheat field in the way. Of course, it's even more frustrating with mortars.
  5. I'd love a Blitzkrieg years family for CM as well. There's something about that campaigns that fascinates me. These are the years that changed warfare and shocked the world with all these new weapons and tactics. Yet, a mere 3 years after that, these revolutionary weapons (PzI, II, even early PzIII), were terribly lame and useless.
  6. Buffpuff, I haven't played this campaign yet, but I'm afraid there are some missions like this one in every official campaign. I'd like campaigns to be less hardcore, but sadly we have to endure quite a lot of frustration with most of them from time to time. And deal with the fact that there are some scenarios that we just can't win. If this is not a 'must win' scenario, and you can continue the campaign without winning it, my advice would be to preserve your forces, try to earn some points if possible with reasonable losses so you win at least something towards the campaign end score, and
  7. Indeed!. If only one visual improvement was ever to be made I'd vote for 'rounding' angles in terrain, disguising somehow its squared nature (unavoidable on account on CMx2 being an action squares based engine). I know, neverhteless, that this would be a massive endeavour.
  8. Thank you, MrX! I'm definitely trying this as soon as I can find some gaming time. I'm a campaign player and thus everlastingly thankfull to those hard working scenario designers that create campaigns for everybody's enjoyment. I have fiddled with the editor in the past and I know how hard it is.
  9. That's great, lowres texture squares look ugly. I reckon this will also affect the distance at which the grapeyard models dissapear, which is one of my most recurrent annoyances when I play in the Italian theatre.
  10. I haven't tried the patch yet, but I'm curious about these 'drawing distance advancements'. What are they exactly?
  11. Indeed. That's what ruined the APK43 campaign layout for me. It was not about RL operational strategy, but about knowing the rules that dictate which squares go into battle and exploit them to great effect. It's a pity because otherwise the game is quite impressive.
  12. I came to CMx2 from CC too, and I had a hard time adapting to it, but I'm so very happy I did. I'm not a big fan of CC5 strategic layout, since it doesn't create realistic battles or tactical/strategical behaviour, specially because the AI is not good playing the battles having in mind strategic objetives (actually it isn't good playing at all). Achtung Panzer Krakhov 43, my other favourite tactical game, has the same flaw. I don't think that there's any game that offers an operational layout consistent with the tactical battles which is both enjoyable, realistic and manageable by the AI. A
  13. Well, you hover god-like equaly in both game modes, and you get the same info, only that in WeGo you can travel back in time as many times as you want and gather any tiny bit of info. I want some of that info available and not easily missable for RT lads too
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