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  1. Thanks for sharing, I'll keep an eye out
  2. It's a known fact that eating pineapple pizza before battle increases the accuracy of incoming indirect fire
  3. This would be due to superior optics on the NATO side, especially compared to low quality Syrian equipment and training. Try using AAV's vs BMP's, the game is based on 2008 TO&E so they should be similarly matched in terms of optics except the BMP's should have the upper hand, but if the game was based off 2009-2010 the Marine AAV would then have thermal imaging and drastically improved sights. The main issue is still infantry's improved spotting over armor with optics and infantry with binos vs eyeballs.
  4. Save scum here, I can attest to this working well. I do this for 2nd play through campaigns and scenarios. Even if I get low casualties I always try to improve and cheese it a bit in an attempt to receive the fewest casualties possible, and it can be quite enjoyable coordinating.
  5. I struggle to maintain no casualties but it happens, of course it sucks to say it but I would rather have my tanks and IFV's knocked out instead of losing any infantry but I generally use infantry screening for contacts so my armor is safe. But with numbers I would no go above 10% of my force for scenarios and less than that for campaigns.
  6. This helped me out a bit with modifying SF1 Campaigns
  7. I'm also wondering how to recompile SF1 campaigns, if I can figure it out I'll let you know!
  8. In my country it's legal, I would of course notify them out of courtesy but there shouldn't be any issues
  9. I used the old Shock Force 1 Campaigns, currently I'm playing the Rhine Heart Campaign
  10. I do think the accuracy for the units needs to improve, I had Marines shooting down at a stationary target around 230 meters away and it took more than 10 rounds with an M16a4 to hit him while they were prone. If I recall correctly the units were not exhausted and barely moved into position from a LAV, with a clear line of sight it should have taken 2-4 rounds at the maximum to hit the stationary target. I can see a poor sightline at 400 meters taking a few hundred rounds, mix an oversized fire team element and I would put around a thousand rounds of small arms into a small building while mo
  11. My main annoyance is a tank with IR optics not being able to spot anything in a treeline, the vision needs to be improved
  12. ESAPI plates will stop a 7.62 AP round no problem, after two or three hits it cracks and becomes vulnerable
  13. I don't own the game yet but plan to buy it soon. 1. From my personal experience Personnel would be air burst for fragments to maximize the kill radius for infantry in the open, general is just regular explosives meant for light armor and small fortifications or buildings, armor is meant for heavy armor like tanks, but general should work on tanks as well since the tops aren't very strong, but the Armor rounds should penetrate before exploding so you would use them for big fortifications or buildings to kill whats inside. 2. I've only played the demo but the AI is poor at reading map
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