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  1. I took a quick look in the quick battle force selection tab. I found that uncons have the same soft factors between units with them being mostly having extreme motivation with some having high to fanatic motivation. Their experience ranged with mostly green with some with conscript or regular experience. with the Syrian army there is some difference between units surprisingly special forces seem to be entirely conscript with poor to normal motivation. when it comes to mech formation the Syrians soft factors seem to not change if the formation is guards or reserve. their motivation is low to hi
  2. well you make a good point. I guess I was not too keen on the lore, I thought the Bundeswehr would send a good portion of its army including some of the lesser quality units.
  3. I should of phrased the question better sorry. For instance in quick battles when units soft factors are set to typical, all blue armies have the same soft factors. I was wondering if there should be different typical soft factors for each blue army?
  4. Now I won't pretend to be a expert here, but should the U.S army that at the time (and still does mostly) had recent and large amount of combat experience in the middle east and was a all volunteer force have better soft factors than the German army that had relatively small amounts of combat experience and still had conscription?
  5. So little issue here i'm new to combat mission but liked the look of it so I bought shock force 2 got the installer and downloaded it I activate it problem is when I click on the game my screen goes black an the game closes. I'm just wondering what i did wrong an how I can fix it, plz help...... never mind I did some trouble shooting and re installed it an it works now.
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