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  1. Can't believe I hadn't come across this site before. Looks like I'm set on reading material for the near future.
  2. On occasions where you're stuck moving vehicles in a column via road (mostly in WWII titles, but I guess this is somewhat applicable to modern ones as well) how do you organize your forces? I've found that alternating Tank, APC/Halftrack, Tank, APC/Halftrack and so on works fairly well, with infantry without their own transport riding desant towards the middle or rear of the column when necessary for speed, or marching alongside towards the front if expecting contact. This has been effective, but doesn't sound very historical.
  3. I am playing on Iron, but with the Abrams incident they were able to see the tank in front of them. I have been able to give a target area command with my own forces in it, and not have any issues with CAS intentionally attacking my forces (sometimes there'll be casualties due to my men getting caught in the blast radius of munitions meant for the enemy, but that isn't really what I'm talking about). I have never seen intentional BvB from CAS in the modern titles (In the WWII titles, meanwhile, I rarely if ever use CAS, even on the opposite side of the map from my forces, because my pilots seem to have forgotten which side they're fighting on...)
  4. An interesting prospect would be to have Battlefront make the new vehicles/uniforms, then put out a call to the community to do the research and handle the TO&Es on a volunteer basis (and to get their name in the credits). I think that there's enough people on here that would be willing to donate their time to doing such a project. If nothing else, it would be an interesting experiment...
  5. Has anyone else had problems with their M2A3s wiping out their own troops with friendly fire? It seems like these guys are particularly bad about it. I was playing one scenario, where I had an Abrams and a Bradley creeping along in file along a narrow road (with copious infantry support, of course) when a Syrian infantry squad tried to dart across the road in front of us. Both vehicles spotted them, and the Bradley crew decided that it would be a great idea to try and shoot through the Abrams to hit the infantry, in the process knocking out just about every external system on the damn thing. Same thing with infantry. I had a bradley with Infantry about 50m in front of it, and the vehicle spotted an enemy ahead on the fourth floor of a building. Literally every shot landed absurdly short and knocked out the friendly infantry. I get that blue-on-blue fire is still a problem in warfare (side note, has anyone had it happen to them with CAS in the modern titles? I have seen planes strafe friendly forces in the WWII titles but not the modern ones), but this is just absurd...
  6. True, but I thought it was tradition in this sector of the gaming industry to keep your player base waiting as long as possible to release anything
  7. The fact that we’re even having this discussion suggests that there’s enough of a market for them to at least consider it from a business standpoint. I’d imagine it would pull some new customers to the CM franchise as well, since I haven’t seen much of anything at this scale set during the early War.
  8. This has probably been discussed before, but does anyone else want to see a CM title set in the early days of WWII? Mid and late war are pretty well covered, both by CM and other war games, the campaigns of 1939/1940 are practically ignored. The Winter War and invasion(s) of Poland would both make for great CMs in my opinion, maybe even one set during the Spanish Civil War (I consider it part of the Second World War, but that’s a discussion for another thread...)
  9. Okay I'll try doing it myself. If I manage to do it, would you mind if I posted a dl link on this thread in case anyone else wants to use it for HoD?
  10. Also, @Zveroboy1 any chance you could put out a version of this that swaps out the Dutch uniforms for these ANA ones? Would be the final step in making the great Heart of Darkness fully playable in SF2
  11. Hmm... I don't recall Coup! including a hospital with that kind of entrance... does this perhaps suggest a new scenario is in the works?
  12. I swear you show up on every damn thread on these forums Squarehead haha They weren't promises as much as they were agreements to stay back as long as Russia behaved themselves. They did for most of the 90s, but around 2002ish they started getting belligerent again, voiding the unofficial agreements.
  13. Russia definitely has ulterior motives in Ukraine. The Donbass has been so extensive that rebuilding/integrating it into Russia would be a huge economic drain on Russia. If they really wanted to "protect" Russians in other post-soviet states, they would commit enough troops to the intervention to easily steamroll the Ukrainian military, "liberating" any regions with a significant Russian population. Let's face it, the west wouldn't do much to stop it In all likelihood, Russia is just trying to keep Ukraine from joining NATO or the EU. Although both have been open to adding Ukraine to their respective blocs in the past, neither would consider adding s country in the middle of a full-blown war. Keeping NATO away from their borders has been one of their main geopolitical priorities during the 21st century.
  14. Haven't you said that for the past five or six versions of the beta?
  15. Err... ignore that. Didn't see the post on the last page
  16. Like what I see so far, but if this was 100% accurate to the source material, the guys on garrison duty should be chilling out in brightly colored underwear...
  17. Yeah this is why you don't post right after waking up. Thought this was the PM thread for some reason lmao
  18. From the images I've seen over the years, Taliban are generally wearing traditional Afghan civilian clothing, usually without any military-style equipment (vests, bandoliers, harnesses, etc) other than their rifle. Those where they are wearing military-style equipment over their civilian clothing seem to be posed. Makes sense, since their MO is to blend in with the civilian population as much as possible in a combat situation. ISIL forces in Afghanistan, however, are all over the damn place in terms of garb. Some of them are wearing the good ol' black pajamas that are already in-game (albeit without the green headband, although some do have a white one), others wearing civilian clothing with military equipment worn over it, or even fatigues captured from various countries. Headgear for ISIL is similarly varied, from afghan-type, to scarves (similar to the uncons in SF2), some with helmets, and a few without anything covering their heads.
  19. Have you experienced this issue at both structures (Citidel and Ministry)? Seems like the game engine does screwy things to begin with with regards to LOS and buildings.
  20. Rebel forces cross the bridge over the River of Martyrs after a short but bloody skirmish
  21. It's another masterpiece for sure, although imo (and I'm curious as to whether other testers think this or not) it has a very different feal from TOC. In TOC, I usually found myself reacting to unfolding events instead of taking the initiative. Coup is the other way around. Here, you've got the initiative fairly early on in the scenario. Also there's more explosions in coup, which is a plus for me haha
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