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  1. So far I haven't encountered any issues. Been getting technicals and pickups through without any trouble. And I think we've all learned to deal with tiny visual bugs like that. Doesn't look anywhere near as bad as "Habib the Two Headed Rifleman" who shows up when I have men inside a room and they decide to stand in the same spot.
  2. Before rebels blew up the transmitter, Latka Gravas decided to remind everyone that transportation for tonight's coup has been generously provided by the Asfarr Taxi Company: Abbudin's premier destination for all your truck, technical, and taxi needs! After a sharp increase in pedestrian fatalities, Abbudinian police have taken a much harsher stance against jaywalking.
  3. The burning remains of pro-government forces after their counterattack walks right into an ambush.
  4. Looks like he took care of the tanks the old fashioned way...
  5. I have them trapped out in front of Bravo Base by a pair of RPG teams. Currently moving the rest of the platoon into position to finish them off.
  6. Rebels prepare to ambush a particularly irritating group of BRDMs in what is definitely not a ripoff of Sgt. Squarehead's previous screenshot
  7. Funny that you guys bring this show up. I just discovered that show last week and was hooked. Ross Kemp did a few similar shows that I've also found on youtube. Haven't finished them yet, but Return to Afghanistan (https://youtu.be/os48i9sLqwY) and Back on the Frontline (https://youtu.be/cUEqGPu097k are both pretty good. There's another series he did a year before Return to Afghanistan (which was filmed in 2008) but it's not on youtube.
  8. Rebel infantry storming a government facility take cover in the crater created by a VBIED
  9. Map looks promising. I certainly wouldn't mind a gigantic mission or two using the whole map
  10. Agreed. That and an off-map decision system might be useful for things like calling in reserves.
  11. Yeah I've been playing that quite a bit lately. A reserve/dynamic reinforcement system will certainly be interesting. That said, I don't usually restart if losses get to the point where the mission isn't completable. I'll usually assign my own tasks (retrieve any heavily wounded men from the battlefield and withdraw to friendly positions/the edge of the map, regroup and find a place to hold out until the end of the mission, scout the objective but don't attack it, etc). It'll be nice to actually send reinforcements to bail out a unit that's rendered ineffective. Hopefully the devs will add a more advanced scripting system at some point in the (probably distant) future. If this i what MOS can pull off with a pretty rudimentary system, imagine what he could do with some actual tools in his inventory...
  12. A scenario that not only utilizes intelligence and strategic decisions, AND one where the player controls irregular forces (is it just me or are there suprisingly few scenarios with a guerilla warfare feel to them?)? It feels like Christmas all over again... any guess as to when it'll be released?
  13. Fantastic scenario, to say the least. Good to see intel play a role in a scenario beyond the briefing screen. Any chance you'll ever do a similar scenario for CMSF2?
  14. The campaign itself seems to work in SF2, but unfortunately some of the mods don't. If @dragonwynn is still around and willing to come back to this campaign, I'd love to see it updated for SF2. Main changes that I'd recomment are to switch the Taliban from "Fighters" to "Combatants" (still not perfect taliban analogues, but they're probably the closest we have in the absence of an actual Taliban mod) and to use Syrian airborne troops for the ANA (again, not perfect, but since the ANA mod doesn't work, they'd look better than Dutch soldiers imo). Either way, it's still one of my favorite campaigns out there. Would recommend to anyone who wants to boot it up in SF2, even without the mods working.
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