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  1. Yes thats what CMSF1 assumed. But players wished for Syrian air to be added to play out those hypothetical scenarios and with Black Sea getting many of these Russian air assets and Igla/Stinger done they´ve probably decided to add them which was a fantastic idea. So Syrian air assets and anti-air assets were proposed as features of the CMSF2 update. Now we presented with a half-baked solution that many blue factions suddenly don´t get AA cababilites creating uneccessary-stupid quick battle imbalances. Also aren´t there more important issues that needed to be adressed with a patch in
  2. Looks like that the 2.01 patch even punches quick battle players into the face by removing AA capabilities from the British. You buy CMSF2 and instead of expanding it, they proceed to remove features from it post-release because of stubborn TOE reasons that have nothing to do with reality. Great stuff...
  3. What the heck is a promotional page from 2019 of the UK army proving? The British Army definitely had Stinger stockpiles in 08 which are scheduled to be replaced by Starstreak since the late 90´s . However 2001 the UK Army again received Stingers from a Raytheon contract issued by the US: http://www.defense-aerospace.com/article-view/release/4499/greece%2C-italy%2C-uk-buy-stinger-sams-(feb.-20).html But more important this narrowminded TOE-whoring is destroying more realism than creating it. I got the upgrade because I love the fact that Syria receives air support and naturally believed t
  4. To the other mentioned observations which are probably unintentional I ask myself why one would intentionally remove the Stinger teams from the British Army? British (and the three representatives of the NATO module) are Fim-92 operators and now we have another army without AA capability which requires to play MP with silly house rules. Patches are supposed to add/fix features not to remove them. Please allow all blue factions to use Stinger teams.
  5. The Germans atleast have a Stinger team in the special team section in the editor but not in any formation (and thus not in QB either likely). NL and CN look like they don´t have them displayed at all, nowhere. Would be great to see this getting a patch.
  6. CMSF1 module install never required a base game license but just a base game install and of course the module key. This one dollar patch was basically for people that didn´t wanted to get any of the modules but still wanted to get continous updates on their base game that they had bought from retailers back then and which didn´t come with licenses. However do not worry there were plenty of people that had the similar scenario (CMSF1 retail base without license + CMSF1 module licenses + CMSF2 big bundle upgrade). The helpddesk will definitely help you out on that 😉.
  7. Pretty sure that with the helpdesk you´ll able to track down the purchase including the license.
  8. You´re definitely not the only one. Especially a low sun can cause distorted shadows but AFAIK there isn´t much you can do.
  9. You can use any decal mod and interchange them between all CM games that come with hit decals (CMSF1 and CMA don´t have hit decals).
  10. There are people that love to pretend that they are speaking for the community but they aren´t, it isn´t the truth. There are a few that are extremely vocal but there are much more people playing CM and contributing to it for decades which you don´t see post here occasionaly, or let alone have a forum account. Most people definitely would like to see your project to happen. From where I do know it? Because most wargamers aren´t that malicious bigoted and outright stupid that they would crap onto one´s idea to provide free content just because it isn´t suiting exactly their reactionary preferen
  11. Ridaz stated that he is focused on completing the story right now and at the moment does not own CMSF2 so perhaps keep it easy on that artillery barrage of questions. Take your time with this idea when you get your hands on CMSF2. If it takes you a month, a year, a century, thats fine, no rush. The CM community is happy for everyone considering to get into campaign making business. And while getting feedback on your idea is always smart remember don´t let yourself put under pressure by that feedback as it may not represent what everybody thinks and sometimes can derail into a "do it like
  12. It was someone else then still doesn´t change the fact that his post in the provided context makes absolutely no sense.
  13. And some need "they are definitely not the brightest bulbs in the box" refreshers. He once told me to name myself St. Mattis so I named him St. . Its some sort if inside-joke but every intelligent person could guess it by context of the last two posts between us but this requires what? Exactly, proper reading and not just casually pick up a one-liner in the middle of a thread while watching a funny sloth fail compilation but then decide to jump onto it and make yourself look like a sloth. If you have absolutely no clue what is going on its simply better to stay away from that keyboard. Also k
  14. Correct all the new retreating behaviour. For being one that is still taught in the secret art of proper reading you´re hereby granted the title. St. Squarehead from now on. Amen
  15. This has nothing to do with the Lada VAZ-2101 having an unreliable engine... Before the real cold of the winter arrives I always add some blips of organic coconut oil from Target and rape oil frome Safeway to the motor oil and remove the sparks and put then into a tobacco box. I know you may think now "Organic Oil? Uncle Mattis, This is heresy!" but trust me the engine starts like a charm even after longer breaks and even in colder environment. By the way I also do the same to my Mitsubishi Lawn Mower. With that the early spring start up issues are gone. And you definitely not hear m
  16. Definitely, I also have the impression that the campaigns aren´t simple ports but definitely upgraded in every way playing in a very different and evelated in a better way. I didn´t notice something unusual about MANPAD and AAA performance. IR Strelas don´t come with convenient RWR warnings and people that believe MANPADs are only a threat to rotary should check the history of downed US fixed wing, the word Strela will be sadly mentioned there several times. As being a polite and honest FAC you of course would call of CAS as soon you spot SAM or AAA activity when you are not able to immed
  17. Proper reading, proper reading is really becoming an art nowadays isn´t it? I know the hardship of nowadays proper reading and challenged attention spans while everyone is just interested to tell his stuff but not that into reading or listening properly what others have to tell but you definitely can´t approach a forum like that free news tabloid laying around at your local coffee house which you give some quick glances to check the headlines and perhaps some fancy words that capture your attention while waiting for the cashier to hand out your change for your just ordered soy Frappucino with
  18. You´re welcome but you got me wrong on the AI one. I am not blaming it I in fact enjoy the hell out of the newest engine iteration and AI. I meant that I like to recommend CMBN to new players because it has many single player campaigns that were built with Engine 2.0 in mind which I believe was more difficult back then before the newer engine´s TacAI and retreat mechanic was introduced with 4.0. So you tend to end up with having more time to achieve things. Its hard for me to explain this one, perhaps someone else is better with the words in this regard but actually it has only idirect relatio
  19. The mentioned Courage Conquers campaign is a good example. CMFB has one of the worst cases of "take that town here that we just discovered having trice the force, you have 30 minutes, otherwise we lose World War 2 BUT keep in your casualties in mind we don´t know what could come in the future *mysterydrama glance*" timelimit syndromes although it generally got worse in the newer releases thus CMFI, CMRT, CMBS. Also what is it with this sekrit overtime that isn´t mentioned. In reality combat and the world doesn´t end suddenly after 30 minutes but in CM it can because of god´s imposed time
  20. "What is this Mr. Mattis? Why you´re Uploading two times the same "best" picture, stop spaming the forum and polluting the planet with taking server space up over in Island." No this is the exact middle between the settings and I think called "better" or whatever. It takes perhaps 10-15 frames instead of 40 away on my system still being complete fluid even during camera turns and runs. "But But" yeah start counting and good luck finding those crysis 4 high quality trees that are responsible for the other 30 frames in the best picture. More even in some maps like urban maps or desert
  21. balanced: Now I hear already an army of "people but but but there are trees missing Mr. Mattis!" Yes in 2000m or whatever they start to drop but if you play on a PC comparable to the performance of a Mitsubishi Lawn Mower in the last cold days of late April thats how things are still better than getting a epileptic seizure from turning that cam right? 40 damn FPS difference between balanced and best. Now some may come up with: "but but I got a powerful PC as a reward for accomplishing my successful biking license at school and it still doesn´t run appropiate". Yes it is still taxin
  22. Yes its the two settings, the most severe one is the 3D model quality setting and please not again this goddamn mumble jumble about pregame cache, virtual whatever, engine allocation, which texture is loaded and whatever. 3D model quality should simply be called "Draw Distance" or "Foliage" and yes you can see it in foliage heavy games like Red Thunder. Finding this out would consume less time than making posts ala Bill Gates. 3d model quality best:
  23. I did this in battle. It worked. I just need to leave the vehicles dismounted at the beginning otherwise the former crews return into their vehicles. The German ones look pretty identical to the Marines ones (there is just the minor German flag on the plate but this can easily be modified) Marines can mount and dismount all day without help 😀. Damn I love it.
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