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  1. Coffee *Check! Beer *Check! Wife going to Friends *Check! Edit Wife bringing kids with her *Check!
  2. @Battlefront This coming weekend? Will F&R be released before CW? Common we dying here!
  3. April...but did they mention the year..?
  4. Thank you. My drones are soooooo sloooow
  5. I two questions: 1: Is there somehow i can combat EW on maps - killing command team etc? 2: am i surrounded by A-holes? :D
  6. I dont pay with card, hope the other option PayPal was safer.
  7. Hi! I played this game for many years, but i have been occupied with CMSF, CMBN etc. I just love it and i want the last two in my CM library, but... the pros and cons with CMRT and CMFI, i need help to make a good choice for this month. Do FI have Monte Casino? Do RT have good winter maps/mods. All in all, in your opinion, would you recommend FI or RT? (i will buy both, but for this month, should i go -20c as in Sweden or should i go a hot Italian..ehrm..pizza!
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