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  1. I forgot to change permissions on the new files after patching, huzzah for OSX.
  2. Seeing some weirdness in the first mission, some of my troops are named "Soviet Guards" for this updated campaign. Double checked that my SF2 is on the latest patch and i copied the campaign overtop of the previous one. This is on OSX btw.
  3. So how are people handling air assets for QB with nato(non-US) forces with a human opponent? With no stingers or other means of fighting enemy air power i feel this puts the nato side at a pretty big disadvantage. I understand they don't have many anti-air units in their real life TOE, but that's because they assume air superiority over the battlefield, which SF2 doesn't really simulate. So do people house-rule that when playing Nato forces the opponent can't pick air assets? Or do you just deal with it? Or maybe i'm missing something?
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