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  1. Wow, awesome research, so snipers need to get real close before they start scoring consistent hits?
  2. I'm not sure if this was done on purpose for gameplay reasons, which might be possible considering AI snipers have snipped the gunners out of my CAAT vics while moving before, but for whatever reason 'veteran' usmc scout snipers cant hit anything at range at all, earlier I literally watched a rested sniper fire and miss 55 shots from an m40a3 at a stationary enemy 411m away... 411 METERS! recruits make shots on human sized targets at 500m using M16A4s with 4x RCOs but this Scout SNIPER cant hit a mass of 4 dudes from 400m away with a 7.62 purpose made rifle with an 8x scope? that was on speci
  3. Where do I find those keys, the key in my orders is just one for the big bundle upgrade, and I have entered it several times, each time it says I have all the modules unlocked but none appear aside from the base game
  4. In the activate new keys section I put in my activation code and it says I have all the CMSF2 modules unlocked but only the base game and campaign show up, I have all the CMSF1 modules installed and activated aswell, idk if I missed something or what but any help would be appreciated
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