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  1. Hey guys, the webpage says there was going to be a central site where the v4 features would be explained besides the CMFB patch notes. I was not able to find that on the website or forums. Is there a list to which you can point me?
  2. While I would certainly like to see improvements to the TacAI, way more than new content, IMO they should focus on adding some kind of mid-level AI that can do more than move a pre-designated group of units to a pre-designated place in a semi-coherent fashion.
  3. That problem exists with all heavy weapons, though. Delivering fire to just that part of the woods 500 m away with a 60 mm mortar team out of C2 just rushed up to a hedgerow is just as gamey as rushing an Abrams tank into a city street and have the crew fire into three specific floors of three different buildings instantaneously. Playing only SP, I fix that by only area firing on "?" contact markers.
  4. Okay, I had just assumed that wasn't possible right now due to what people said before me. Obviously I have never tried such despicable behavior.
  5. I only play against the AI so it's probably a bit easier, but as US I never hit built-up areas indiscriminately. I only order area fire and arty onto buildings when an enemy has either given himself away or there is pre-battle intel. It just feels wrong to go full Dresden on some poor Ukrainian village.
  6. That would obviously lead to some people buying elite Halbkettenfahrzeuge and crewing originally conscript Königstigers with them.
  7. Off topic: the horrible thing was that it did not matter to the German government post '33 how much you or your ancestors wanted to assimilate. If your grandparents were Jews, so were you. IIRC from history class Jews volunteered and became casualties more often than the average German male during the Great War. Didn't help them in the slightest.
  8. At least here in Germany reports of unarmed teenagers being shot by soldiers wielding evil looking black assault rifles would have been a huge propaganda victory for the insurgents.
  9. Of course you'd have to differentiate between (partial) penetrations, armour spalling and non-penetrating hits. In the WW2 titles, penetrating, non-catastrophic hits are much more common than in the modern games. And I can swear that my Panzers fire more slowly when the crew suffers from suppresion after being hit.
  10. Yup, a few months ago when I read the readme that came with your icons
  11. Okay, I found the solution. CM expects a Bitmap v3 header that is outdated and does not natively support an alpha layer. The only way I found to get an ARGB bitmap with a 14-byte file header and 40-byte info header is to use the command line program nconvert which retains transparency data but inserts the deprecated header.
  12. I have assumed that alpha channels do not work because the icon would show up completely black when I used a 32 bit bitmap. Might be GIMP's fault, I shall try ArtWeaver as suggested. I have seen your icons for CMBS but found them to be too small because of the semi transparent margin around the NATO symbol. I'm actually using BFC's templates for my own App-6a style symbols.
  13. Hey gents, I have been messing with the icon bitmaps, trying to use BFCs briefing icon templates to create NATO floating icons. However, my files saved in GIMP are not displaying correctly ingame. I have looked at existing icon mods. Black seems to be transparent in lieu of a real alpha channel. 32 bit bitmaps with a binary alpha channel result in only a black square shown in CMBS. My icons, saved as a 24 bit bitmap, show up but do not have any transparency. Now here comes the weird part: When I open in GIMP Ian Leslie's awesome CMRT icons that have working transparency and no alpha chann
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