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  1. Thanks for the tips! I got the Big Bundle in the past and now I registered the game and the 3 main DLCs at Steam but can't register the "Battle Pack 1" also included in the Big Bundle from Battlefront. Just sent a ticket. Will report back.
  2. hey ERW! saludos para ti thanks, all is fine now. Hora de jugar! Thanks sburke, John reply to my support ticket with a new key. The CMSF1 original one I have here was with problems. Time to play.
  3. Thanks again IanL, sure is that. Readed in other forums (searching for this subject) that Riva strikes some of the DRM systems. John replied to my ticket with a new key and all is working now. Time to play. Thanks for your help!
  4. The same here Order was paid but still in "process" status. Email received BUT game is not activating using those keys. Opened a ticket.
  5. Thanks IAnL for reply. I found the solution. Turn off "RivaTuner" from tray (the util for nvidia cards) and C++ error goes away. BUT now another problem arise, after activating the product I hit PLAY and the screen want to reactivate once again. Will open a support ticket. https://imgur.com/a/SBOBPj8 Thanks!
  6. Hi there! Just installed SF2 in Windows 7 under my "games" folder at slave drive. Can't run the game. This screen error shows up when I try to open the game or "Activate New Products - CMSF2" I try with admin rights but is the same. https://imgur.com/a/ScTkdb All other Combat Mission titles works fine here. I have Windows 7 64 with all the patches and C++ libraries updated. S.O.S. Thanks and sorry for my english.
  7. wow! what mod/shaders are u using @HerrTom for get that great quality? Thanks!
  8. Glad u are having fun there. I think we just need the promised demo for reach the end of month with some mental health for the big one
  9. I think they said full game at end of the month and demo earlier for make the waiting less hard. We are there now. Please Release the Kraken! :)
  10. Same. A little ETA can be nice for our mental health + F5 key
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