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  1. Apparently this IFV is in production now. Will probably be in significant numbers by 2017. Its an Airborne IFV. The Russian BMD-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle entered service in 2005 in limited production numbers and upgrading of BMD-3’s. The vehicle has seen the addition of a new 2A70 100mm main gun which is coaxial mounted with an improved 30mm auto cannon, the 2A72. The new main gun fires the 9M117 Bastion laser-guided anti-tank missiles, which has an effective range of 5.5km and can be loaded via the guns autoloader. This is all housed in a new turret, with a new Fire control Sys
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Its a funny one. I'll try to pin it down.
  3. Hi, I've only tried this with the Russian side in a quick battle (huge). If I add more than two mortar carriers to a unit (Recce batt. (new)), the game freezes at 83% on load. I've experienced this three times and the only commonality is the number of mortar carriers. I've tried it with two carriers and there is no issue. Thanks
  4. Didn't notice. lol As I recall, Jeb Stuart was on the losing side, and was often not there when he was needed most! Yes, and I've mowed down entire platoons moving quickly, they didn't see it comin' :; I was specifically talking about the AI opponent and not on a windy dirt track in scrub in close ambush. In that case, I used split off scouts or scouts. But it works if your a hundred + metres away.and its the AI and the units are small i.e., recon or FOs. I wouldn't try it with a platoon!!! Horses for courses???
  5. Yes, I agree. I find the 'hunt' command frustrating. Vehicles and infantry stop, sometimes not where you want them to be. I've noticed no improvements in my casualties whether walking or hunting infantry, though it is useful for vehicles if you already know where an enemy is. With hunting infantry, I'd like to see 'hunt' automatically turn into 'evade' to best cover IF they take casualties. That would tend to be more realistic, at least for good quality troops. Considering that hunting is tiring, move becomes more favorable for infantry.
  6. I've noticed in AAR vids that many people do not use walk very often. Walking is a very good way not to be seen. I've walked recon units and FOs to locations in full view of the enemy and reached ideal locations without being spotted. When I quick move to a building, I walk to an elevated floor and setup. Only if the enemy is very close do I become spotted and invariably not even then. Also walking around leaves your troops rested and ready for assaults or fast running. I don't know how many times I've seen experienced players assault a position with tired forces and have
  7. I'm only posting on this thread at this time to say, I read the administrator's caveats for engaging on this topic. I'll look for another thread. Cheers from Australia.
  8. They haven't been trained in Russia, they get their training in the field. Their morale is very high. It's surprising how much difference good morale makes, its more of a factor than I would have thought possible. Their objective is simple. They want to push the Ukrainians back, out of shelling range of where they and their communities live...to save their communities which have been smashed by the shelling. Whole villages have been reduced to rubble. The site Kras mentioned can be easily translated into English.
  9. Gentlemen, I've been watching this thing unfold over the last two weeks. Everyday, I've seen news footage of the battle area that is not well distributed, especially in the US. I can tell you, the Ukrainians were surrounded, many of them left ****e loads of equipment on the field and surrendered. These POWs have been surprisingly well-treated by the rebels. They have been given good food, lodgings and medical attention. I saw one tanker who's tank was hit, was badly burned, saying how well his wounds (badly burnt) have been treated. Hell, the rebels are even calling up their parents to co
  10. I setup my T90s at right angles to probable Abrams approaches. This allows one T90 to take out one Abrams. This is also effective for BMP 3Ms. Anything approaching head to head is a no-no. I do have a problem with the speed of reload of the T90 and believe it should be increased in game as it has a good auto loader, while the Abrams is manually loaded. Setting up kills zones at 90 degrees with two T90s is very effective and will rack up the kills. Another effective method of taking out an Abrams is with infantry hidden in a house behind trees in a compound. Have the infantry open up on t
  11. Yes on the first turn, within 20 secs of first turn because he had a delayed move order. I'm sure there was no LOS to the enemy from that position. It may have been the case that the artillery rounds, because there were two that hit close together, were stray. I guess it wasn't his day. The op is set to receive close-by artillery to the north and south of the position, that's why I think they were stray rounds.
  12. I'm a member of ASOR, an Australian ARMA 3 clan. We always try to fire two launchers at the same target to increase chance of a kill. AT guys usually carry 2 rockets in pack and one in the tube.
  13. The Soviets received 900 M3 halftracks from Lend Lease.
  14. An artillery bombardment takes out a platoon leader and vehicle before he can move out of the set up area in the third op of the German campaign!!!! You're kidding me.
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